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#dgov industry landscape

  • Aragon – project that aims to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using blockchain technology

  • Colony – platform for open organizations

  • District0x – network of decentralized markets and communities

  • DAO stack – operating system for collective intelligence (decentralized companies, funds and markets)

  • Thetta.io – open-source DAO framework

  • Otonomos – next-gen company services bureau for the crypto and blockchain economy. Order companies online. Add ancillary services. Pay in crypto or fiat.

  • Harbour Project – tool set used to design the best governance system possible for any organization, a comprehensive set of rules that connect organizations with the necessary components required for efficient decision-making

  • GovBlocks – open, permissionless decision protocol that empowers dApps to define and operate any governance model at scale (blog, chat)

  • Tribute – Tribute helps organizations build and strengthen their network of contributors. We enable them to design and manage a customized reward system based on economic incentives and transparency

  • Collective One – method (and a platform) to develop open, decentralized and collaborative initiatives: initiatives to which anyone can, potentially, contribute, and which are collectively owned and self-governed by their contributors.

  • Common Interest – build incentivized societies

  • xDAC is A Place To Start and Manage Decentralized Companies

  • Edgeware – an experimental blockchain for demonstrating the effectiveness of on-chain governance

  • Kelsen – a dapp and a smart contract framework for building secure and transparent governance systems on Ethereum

  • Decidim – free open-source participatory democracy for cities and organizations

  • dOrg – dApp for creating and interacting with DAOs

  • Ethereum – blockchain App Platform

  • Tezos – a new platform for decentralized applications and smart contracts.

  • Giveth – donation platform and community

  • Iden3​ – identity solution

  • uPort​ – identity solution

  • BrightID​ – identity solution

  • Jolocom – identity solution

  • Kleros – dispute resolution


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