Anyone can start a meetup in his (her) region. Meetup can be in a form of an informal dinner for 3-10 people. Or can be an educational / network meetup with a dedicated place (for 10+ people).

Global meetup page: ...

List of #dgov locations open for meetups:

  • Berlin: SUPERMARKT

  • Vienna (Zoltan Fazekas)

  • London

  • Barcelona (Akasha + event)

  • ...


  1. Preparation

  2. Announcing the event and Inviting people

  3. Facilitation

  4. Collecting feedback


Select date, Find and book the venue Nametags need

Announcing the event and Inviting people

  1. Сreate event announcements on the forum

  2. Share link to the chat

  3. Share on twitter with @dgoverath #dgov mentions

  4. Add to newsletter


Dgov Dinner Meetup #2 during Web3 Summit Berlin

We’re gathering friends and peers who are interested in the discussion of distributed governance, blockchain governance and DAOs. We’ll have a quiet dinner near the Web3 location (location will be announced soon). Please RSVP, the event is free, but places are limited.


Some guidelines: 2

Indie events happened in

  • Madrid

  • Kyiv

  • Amsterdam

  • NYC x2

  • Trinidad

  • Ljubljana (coming soon)

Always free to ping me and request the support: [email protected] , telegram: @maxsemenchuk



  • Berlin – Supermarkt, Full Node, Revision, Amatus, Web3 Summit

  • Amsterdam – Colony, Blockchain Talks

  • London – Furtherfield, Open Platform Coops, Colony, Phoebe, Newspeakhouse, hackspace

  • Paris – Tribute, EthCC

  • Madrid – LegalBlock, P2P Models

  • Prague – Institute of crypto-anarchy, Liberland

  • Zug – Aragon, Melonport

  • Barcelona – Giveth, Rebooting the Web of Trust, Steps

  • Lubljana – Anja, Marina

  • Split (Croatia) – DAOcon


  • New York – Bushwick generator, Edgeware

  • San Francisco – Starfish Network

  • Seattle – Bright ID

  • Toronto (?)

  • Detroit – RadicalxChange


  • Hong Kong

  • Singapore

Middle East

  • Israel: DAO Stack

  • Dubai (?)


  • New Zealand – Enspiral