DGOV Community Council

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We are delighted to invite you personally to the first Distributed Governance Council taking place the first time on the 27th and 28th of January in Berlin. We're gathering the maximum of fifty participants to participate with your unique expertise to join the seed of a community forming to reinvent governance.

Our goal is to build bridges between communities to explore new governance models which are human-centric and direct participatory in their nature to allow them to scale. We are intentional with the work we do. We believe in a future where we favour collaboration over rival risk behaviour, where we favour commons (publicly owned and community governed) over private ownership. A future where our governance systems unlock the wisdom of the many to represent the needs of those who can’t speak for themselves or which might be underrepresented. Those are the children of the future generations but also nature and animals which form the ecosystems which allowed us to evolve in the first place.

The Distributed Governance Council Berlin aims to connect you with many other exceptional bridge minds and humble and caring beings which believe in our chance to reinvent governance.


New governance models are urgently needed to allow us to coordinate and manage shared-resources on a global scale. This includes permissionless blockchains to provide a trusted compute infrastructure for humankind where we need to avoid capture by all means!

We invite those which come often have tried before and brought with them a great legacy of experience. The DAO builders like Aragon and DAOStack (http://backfeed.cc/ is not dead) but also those who help with Arbitration (e.g. Kleros) those who provide us with Identities (e.g. Jolocom and iden3) and many more from the blockchain space which we believe are key projects to build the digital infrastructure to power those new governance models we are seeking to help to create.

We invite further selected people which develop blockchain layer 1 core-protocols (e.g. Ethereum, Tezos, more) which provide the fabric layer required to provide us with connectivity and trust in a distributed manner.

We invite those who think about legal and policies. Like the great people from the Coala Think Tank around Primavera. We are humble and thankful that they will join us as well and share their expertise and perspective with us.

We invite the practitioners from Peer2Peer Foundation, WeWork, Pelcolab and Enspiral to facilitate our two days council and share their expertise for advanced social protocols. Those are of great value to help with group facilitation and practices which help us to make better decisions while fostering group talent and expertise without relying on hierarchies.

Last but not least we invite the great individuals from the academic space which are looking forward to putting their expertise and research into practical application and move towards practical research in the realm of the distributed governance movement.


We will meet two full days in a co-creative environment with a shared dinner on the first evening. We will share ideas and thoughts to build bridges between all of us to work together in a practical manner to identify ways to accelerate innovation on distributed governance.

We foster the build-up of an intentional community of people which care and come together to collaborate to increase our chance of finding these new governance models which are enabling us to coordinate in a yet unseen way.

On the afternoon of the second day, we will openly share our learnings and insights.


Berlin - the city which was once divided by the Berlin wall. A symbol where west and east meet. A city where nothing is too strange to be accepted and a city where everything seems possible. Not without reason is Berlin a city where many great projects and communities gather in this uncertain times.

The Distributed Governance Conference in Athens

This is a smaller previous event before the distributed governance conference in Athens will take place in June 2018. While the DGOV Council Berlin will be with maximum 50 people the event in June will host a maximum of 150 people and will focus on the same goals. It’s about people, it’s about caring and being intentional that we believe that we can create those new forms of collaboration. It’s about you.

We look forward to welcoming you in Berlin. Please register 42 € your slot and book your ticket. If you need support to finance your travel place, submit your travel support form >>HERE<<. If you can help others which can’t afford the travel costs to come, please help us and reach out >>HERE<<.

Your DGOV Team, Tim Bansemer, Anja Blaj, Max Semenchuk