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  • Grace: is there a viable organization? Wonder is we should be in this call.
  • Max: feeling calm, part of summer i think, i feel that there's something going on, not as frequent as before. Saw the sense to come
  • Anja: have 30 mins, week is crazy, finished my master thesis, need to present but main part is done. Good to see you. Happy to have this.


Grace / is there a viable organization? is there a purpose to govern anything

If we have these meetings what do we govern? Assert as like conflict wasn't resolved as expected there's no organization. That's why people drop off and there's no organization. There's no willingness and organization. Maybe because of pandemic, but nothing to govern anyways.
Extremely negative it seems. If there's no activity right now in calls, it doesn't mean we need to kill whole thing. Different events and people expect something. I propose monthly check-ins. Many people are occupied. Whenever there're a couple of events – start asking about meetups. Not a fan of negativity, depends on the perception. There's a lot of emergent stuff happening. Wondering if that worries you, tension or an observation. Feel the blame or guilt in the air.
There's a couple of things. Group is less active. Why i do this – pleasant talk, but no resolution. We failed to manage the conflict as a group. Will keep inviting you for coffee>
Our assets:
Does anybody have interest to participate in the governance?
I make a differentiation between asking and accusing. Now more like criticism. We can go and see what we discussed last time. Constantly coming to what wasn't delivered doesn't help.
Dgov never did and agreement to resolve those conflicts.
Sorry, it wasn't resolved as desired, but...
I just want to know what should be the results of the meeting.
Should we have a check-in with a status of dgov achievements.
Do these calls to resolve tensions. If no tensions – can skip.
If Tim has official powers and i'm not. And you have no quorum. The person i need to get permission from. I want to work in an organization. I don't need to ask, don't want to go
You make Tim as leader here.
Maybe we don't have things to discuss / maybe next month

Anja / Governance needs high frequency or just checking time to time


  • Anja: every viable organization has ups and downs. Just seeing what we generated gives and overview of resources and things that can be managed. People can come up with policies and ideas. People got in touch. There more people ask about it, there more sense to govern. We can check about the questions before the call. There's not much to say. Disagree that there's nothing we have.
  • Grace: concern is people who want to do things may or may not be coordinated well. Want us to coordinate at the high level (everybody here for check-in)
  • Max: maybe sync in a way the newsletter. I am ready to support this again. Attached to what we do and looking how to integrate.