Community Vision

Dgov community is the

What can be improved?

Tim: interpersonal relationships, deep connections

Aeon: not doing specific goals tension is big, stops the flow & motivation, specifically network

Phoebe: Regularity, monthly meetup in Berlin. Depth is great too, but regularity is most. More articles, content.

Anja: whenever we have events, see when we're there and do satellite events. Opportunity to argue in person.

How do I know community is good for you?

Tim: shared culture and rituals, which frequency we come togethers, purpose and interest. Strongly interconnected.

Aeon: clearly defined purpose why are we the community

Martin: shared interest, possibility to act on this interest together (purpose can be different). Forum to come from

Phoebe: strong shared identity (who we invite, who not). Longevity, shared commitment. Trust – what people do for each other.

Anja: balanced community, longevity, interesest, frequency. Not good community if no balance. Everybody is capable of contributing in a balanced life. Not one overweights the others. Harmony.

What is our shared identity? (Ethereum Magicians)

Aeon: System hackers (6) – phase shift for the systems, next era

Martin: transmogrifiers (0, World changers) – something new and better, surptising and unexepected

Phoebe: burning man sect of blockchain (but without money) 0, blockchain hippies (0). Place of deep connection, soft governance and values. Refiners. Funky, fun, punks, rebels (3)

Anja: cyberpunk (6) / cypherpunk (0) /rebellions, against the system, interdisciplinary, do a education. Playful attitude. Rational reimbursement for hard moments.

Tim: White rabbits (2-3), carrers (4), connectors networkers (4), connecting the worlds. Not perceived the problem solvers. How we make certain values.

Max: org rephormators (6)

Org hackers?