DGov Foundation Strategy & Governance


DGOV connects people to discover, implement and create the practices, culture and technology to build a complex, scalable governance system to create cohesion for people to flourish.

Values: Trust, Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, Egoless, Honesty, Caring, Joyfulness, Fun, Relaxed, Timely, Kindness, Self-reflection

Tools: Deep and Active Listening, Non-violent communication, Hand Gestures, Letting Go, Leadership

Strategy 2019

Develop vibrant community

Provide meaningful connections & direction.

Continue Athens Conference preparations


Improve communication platforms (website, chat, forum, presentation etc)

Dgov tweets in telegram

Regular meetups ( 4 / +10 indie)


Dgov retreat


Can get more people from

  • Political Science / Governance researchers

  • Psychologists

  • Anthropologists



Suggest guiding principles & culture for the world we want to live in

  • Maximum integratable cognitive diversity

  • Omni-considerative / omni-win decision making

  • The principle Life - Change and Adoption

  • The principles of wholeness - interconnectedness.

  • Cohesion

  • Collaboration “Act local - think global”

  • Be excellent to each other

Research and share knowledge

  • Best knowledge base on #dgov

  • Web3 conf Node

  • Dgov council #2

Launch more experiments

  • Launch 3 public governance experiments

  • Launch DGOV SEED DAO

Raise funds ($50-100k)

  • Get 50 members to DGOV Seed DAO

  • Continue getting reputation for doing amazing events


Foundation uses a Holacracy model as a governance model. Check brief holacracy onboarding.

Changes to policies and roles are done through the Holacracy IDM process. Telegram and Loomio voting can be used for consulting with the community.


  • Leadlink – Tim

  • Community manager / Council Event Organizer – Tim

  • Newsletter Editor – Max

  • Facilitators (incl. council events) – Max, Fran, Phoebe, Lucas, Ela

  • Mediators (preliminary) – Chris, Loie, Felix, Phoebe, Anuj

  • Outreach & Advocacy / PR Manager – Anja

  • Designer – Max

Outreach & Advocacy / PR Manager


  • Increasing Awareness;

  • Increasing Commitment of parties of interest to come to the event;

  • Building up momentum (people speak about it).

  • Create news and noise around the event; Make it visible.


  • Twitter

  • Linkedin

Recommendation to include (where possible):

  • Names (twitter handles);

  • Picture;

  • Link to further material;

  • Link to picture (names);

Content programming:

  • Monday: Administrative info

  • Tuesday: What's happening

  • Wednesday: Good material

  • Thursday: Who's coming / People

  • Friday: Fun


*Work in progress

Governed Assets

  • Website / Domain

  • Wiki

  • Communication channels (SoMe accounts, Telegram Chat, Loomio etc)

  • Email list

  • Logo / Brand

  • Budget (0 for now)

Accepting new members

  • Every new member should be proposed by an existent core member

  • The decision is made unanimously

  • This core member take full responsibility for that member

  • Trial period ends when every other member are sure to accept this person

  • Difference of trial status is only in recognition

Exclusion rules

If absolute majority of members vote for exclusion, the member is excluded as well as the person who brought him.


Weekly all-team tactical calls (wed, 3pm CET) and dgov dlog telegram group

Community events

Inblock.io events is a trusted company to execute the DGOV Councils as well as the DGOV Festival Athens 2020. Furthermore selected events like the proposed DGOV Retreat in Ljubljana.

We expect other organisations and members of the community to host DGOV events. This is encouraged and supported by the DGOV Foundation if they are trusted parties by the DGOV Foundation. There please always check that the organisation organising a DGOV event is clearly stated.

On Rejection

  • any core member can reject, but needs to justify if challenged

  • lack of cognitive diversity concerns


Everything should be transparent, except of

  • private data without consent (names, addresses, contacts)

  • security (passwords)

  • budget details, like salaries (low resolution reports are ok)

Moral code

Being excellent with each other (respect, support, caring). Intentional dishonour of this rule can lead to ban.