Dgov Network
Strategy & Goals
Purpose: Create meaningful connections and shared agency among its members; Shaping the future of networks.
DGOV Foundation connects people to discover practices, implement technical solutions and create complex, scalable governance systems that create cohesion and allow people to flourish.
Values: Trust, Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, Egoless, Honesty, Caring, Joyfulness, Fun, Relaxed, Timely, Kindness, Self-reflection.


Network & community Builders, DAO member & practitioners, entrepreneurs and academics working with the networks.

🌱 Contributors Care by Phoebe Tickell

    Clear expectations agreements and participation
    Help setup specific goals & tasks
    Clear focus, priorities and planning
    Decrease cognitive load
    Provide financial compensation
    Recognize and praise contributors
    Enable more transparency (decision making process etc)


    Open up roles
    Use participative tools (github/underscore, google docs...)
    Resource distribution protocols
    Building alignment across the contributors
    Strategy presentations (videos in the newsletter?)
    Regular surveying


      Individual donations (open fun prizes for different level contributions – e.g. 1 hour consulting on self organization, or a set of book/articles)
      Grants (talk with foundations)
      Membership fee (magazine?)
      Paid services (trainings, workshops)
    Distribution Mechanism (Giveth, Moloch, Aragon...)
    Workshop on paid products
    Ask community for help
    Legal Institution? partner with someone?

Onboarding & Contribution Guidance

    Personal support
    School of self organization project? e.g. monthly education and consulting session

#dgov house

    The best place to around major conferences – nice, big, cozy
    free for contributors of the dgov
    Place for the afterparties

#dgov retreat

🤝 Leadership, Collaboration and communication support by Ela Kagel

Create more interoperability, collaboration and experimentation.
    Support the industry standardization & collaborations
    Support 3 governance experiments (e.g. with coops)
    Identify stakeholders & funding strategy
    Should Aragon collaborate with DAO stack? Where?
      Curating a monthly newsletter (+ dgov highlight of the month)
      Support dgov space projects with publicity
      Enable time-warp (send in the most convenient time)
      Summary of the month chat topics/activity
      Integrate ID system with contacts, hubs maps etc (Keybase?)
      Maintaining and expanding the ecosystem map
      Add profiling info (interests, skills etc)
      Matchmaking tool
    DGOV chat with channels
    Moderating the #dgov chat on Telegram and potentially other channels (rotating moderation?)
    Allowing for cross-posting: #dgov tweets on Telegram
    Calendar – curating a #dgov event calendar

    Regular meetups in Berlin, London, Barcelona, Amsterdam etc – Organize and participate in local network events / meetups. Goal – self-education?
    #dgov blog / journal – use medium or https://dgov.pubpub.org/ for the network relevant articles
    Shared glossary/definitions
    Job board / forum topic?
    Arrangements with John L (Aragon), Kate B (DAO Stack)...

Open Value Network Layer

    Sobol: goals, structures, agreements
      Mediators list & process
      Ethical and legal platform for innovation
      NVC court
    Custodians (funds, personal data)
    Workshops (Design Thinking etc)
    Use blockchain for efficient data exchange inside the network
    If we loose inactive part of the community moving to the new platform – it can be refershing and good

Culture Layer

    Ministry of memes – develop artful insights on what's going on in the network (sensemaking)
    Stickers, posters etc
    Create a show – create funny reviews about the companies and people in the industry

🧠 Researchers / Knowledge production support by Max Semenchuk

    Run the research producing events
    Support the projects & researches with connections, coverage etc
    Coordinate the ongoing researches with the academics (avoid overlaps)
    Help researchers find right people to interview
    Identify the needs for tools
    Identify stakeholders & funding strategy
    Manage the portfolio of researches
    Take any group and develop it forward, even if a bit
    Should be titled as the end result of the work
    2020 Q1 Dgov council #2
    Preset topics for councils
    Research WEF/COALA/RxC... approach
    Invite people like political scientists, future thinkers, yuval harari etc (see survey)
    Developing the #dgov forum, so members can exchange valuable info on more in-depth topics. Harvest from events etc.
    Grants/lower prices for the students
ISSDG, Ledgerback, Sensorica, govlabs, Institute of innovating governance

#dgov festival 2020

Burning man for org innovators

Wikipedia as a research platform

    S3nd research straight to the wikipedia. Setup bounties for the successful publish
    It will also create great traffic magnet
    Compensate top authors, they can delegate funds

External Audience

Political scientists (governance researchers and academics), Social scientists, Sociologists, Economists (incl. behavioral), Artists, Judges, Lawyers, Politicians, Philosophers & Ethologists, Activists (Do-ers, change agents), Systemic thinkers (complexity experts, practitioners of transformation), Anthropologists, Game theory & mathematics, Hippies, Developers, SSID People, Psychologists, Platform coop people, Interdisciplinary people, Students, Holacracy and sociocracy experts, Coaches, Social workers.

🎗️Build brand awareness & integration by Anja Blaj

    Create greater awareness about the topic
    Amplify the movement and the network
    Identify stakeholders & funding strategy
    Print themed sticker pack (dlov, nature etc)
    Attract branding specialist
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