Strategy & Goals 2019

DGov connects people to discover practices, implement technical solutions and create complex, scalable governance systems that create cohesion and allow people to flourish.

Values: Trust, Fairness, Integrity, Respect, Empathy, Appreciation, Egoless, Honesty, Caring, Joyfulness, Fun, Relaxed, Timely, Kindness, Self-reflection.


  • Deep and Active Listening,

  • Non-violent communication,

  • Horizontal Organizing and Participatory Leadership,

  • Be excellent to each other,

  • Omni-considerative / omni-win decision making,

  • Maximum integratabtle cognitive diversity

  • The principle Life - Change and Adoption

  • The principles of wholeness - interconnectedness.

  • Collaboration “Act local - think global”

Develop the ecosystem around distributed governance

Purpose: Create meaningful connections and shared agency among its members.

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 Facilitate group communication by community manager (Ela?)

  • Integrate ID system with contacts, hubs maps etc

  • Add profiling info (interests, skills etc)

  • Maintaining the twitter communication channel, so everyone has a chance to exchange news under the „hashtag“ #dgov and can keep up to date with what is going on in the space.

  • Developing the #dgov forum, so members can exchange valuable info on more in-depth topics

  • Moderating the #dgov chat on Telegram and potentially other channels (rotating moderation?)

  • Allowing for cross-posting: #dgov tweets on Telegram

  • Beweekly community calls (Ela)

  • Maintaining and expanding the #dgov/DAO Landscape report (+the ecosystem map)

  • Organize and participate in local network events / meetups

    • Regular meetups in Berlin (Ela?)

    • London (Phoebe)

    • Barcelona

    • Amsterdam

    • Global meetup page?

💬 Create information flows by pr manager

  • Curating a monthly newsletter (+ dgov highlight of the month)

  • Curating a #dgov event calendar

  • Tweet about (new?) projects in the space (e.g. weekly)

  • Support dgov space projects with publicity

📅 Co-Create Events by event manager

Doing amazing events

  • Aug 19-21: Web3 #dgov node

  • Sep: Dgov retreat

  • Oct 8-11 Devcon node

  • Q4 Dgov council #2

  • 2020 Athens Conference

🎌 Advocate diversity in the #dgov space

#dgov aims at including a more diverse groups of practitioners and researchers from the following domains:

  • Political Science / Governance researchers

  • Psychologists

  • Anthropologists

  • Facilitators

  • Legal consulting

Grow the knowledge of dgov

Print themed sticker pack (dlov, nature etc).

Launch #dgov experiments

  • Launch 3 public governance experiments

  • Support the projects

  • Create open workshops (e.g. DAO Crash Test)

  • Launch DGOV SEED DAO

    • Raise funds ($50-100k)

    • Get 50 members to DGOV Seed DAO

Increase the capacity

  • Aquire funding for the team

  • Get more volunteering

    • Promote dgov art/culture

    • Share positive feedback

      • I just wanted to thank you guys for this Telegram Channel. It has the best signal-to-noise ratio of all the channels I'm on, always engaging, and great references. – Grace Rachmany about the dgov chat