Team & History

Core Team

Tim Bansemer

Entrepreneur | Founder of GmbH & Co.KG | Blockchain Tim Bansemer has a background in Network Engineering and IT Security as a Security Engineer before joining the Blockchain Space. His roles were RChain European Ambassador in 2018. He is founder of the blockchain companies labs and events and initiator of the #dgov initiative. Tim Bansemer acts also as a public speaker with a focus on distributed governance and new scalable blockchain solutions which he hopes will one day reshape society to create sustainable and direct participatory societal structures. Twitter @tim_bansemer

Max Semenchuk

Entrepreneur, Product Manager, UX Designer. Speak, Write, Consult on #Decentralization, #Holacracy, #Lean, #DAO. Partner at 4IRE labs, Teal UA

Anja Blaj

Anja is a legal professional focusing on Space law and Blockchain legal matters. She is responsible for managing activities at the European Blockchain Hub based in Slovenia and is supporting EU - ASIA relationships for blockchain associated businesses. She is co-creator of the DGOV initiative. Twitter: @AnjaBlaj

Phoebe Tickell

Distributed self-governing network Enspiral (NZ) Organisational innovation lab Percolab (CA).

Is decentralization always the answer? When is decentralization *not* the most appropriate system to use in organising? What are the questions necessary to ask in making those decisions? I am interested in the deep social protocols and legal structures necessary to actualise decentralised/distributed organising and governance of assets in the real world. Debunking DGOV hype.

Martin Unruh


Aeon Hochberg



  • May 2018 – EthCC discussions about the conferenc

  • June 2018 – Working group establishe

  • Sep 2018 – First #dgov meetup in Berli

  • Oct 2018 – Conference postponed, focus on community building

  • Jan 26-28, 2019 – First community council

  • ...