Dgov Network
Tactical 02.10.2019


  • Record?
  • Work until 4:10 pm CET (3-4 core group call / 4-5 community service)
  • Check-in
    • Max: Would like to share a lot of Ideas. Main inside - started to build visions based on ideas for all the organizations he works on. Helps to visualize the future results
    • Anja: Have great ideas. doing well, have a new office.
    • Phoebe: Have so much to do. would like to step back a bit until November. Organized free Loomio.
    • Tim: A bit exhausted in other projects because of management tensions. Also motivated for another german project. Unfortunately having not that much time for DGOV
    • Aeon: doing good. In Berlin. Worked on DGOV Transparency
    • Ela: In Berlin, silence spot. Things are getting creasy, interesting moment where loose ends find together, synergies. Continuing with DAO learning journey
    • Martin: Doing good. Loves to see yall. Also have attention more into tech projects and wants to come back more to interaction with people. Happy to be in the call


  • Internal governance clear plan, goals, roles, value exchange (Phoebe) – 
    • Idea: what are the needs -> allocating responsibilities/roles
    • Visibility of the missing roles -> Reflection (new people needed)
    • Ela: What is the best way to work with this Doc/structure?
    • Phoebe: Making clear statements for availability and roles -> also possible in suggestion mode. Dividing roles is possible: Leading+supporting
    • Going through the document
    • Tim: would like to be into Doings, not structural discourses
    • Phoebe: Think this is a good way to see where we are at the moment
    • Clearer accountability to roles could be useful
    • Anja: feels is a good idea and healthy to have it , also useful for further on-boarding
Next steps:
Keep the role Document a process and a public guide for externals to find a way into the group (names behind roles and tasks+contact info)
Visiting the Document in future calls to keep it up to date
  • Expectations for the call
    • Go to the concrete tasks (Working Session, Council, funding)
    • Discuss Dispute resolution
    • Process for new Member on-boarding
    • using the calls for planning and tasks
    • Split the time of our call
      • Operations, disputes
  • Funding (Tim) –
    • Couldn't find the time yet
    • deadline November
Next Steps:
Tim will go into in it in the next two weeks
@Everyone please also work on it
  • DCare Keeper
    • provide funding to compensate this role
    • providing more available time and energy to care for the DGOV community and the DGOV Team
    • currently in touch with Aragon
    • Try to fund more roles
Next Steps:
Move it forward together at DEVCON 5 (Tim, Max)
Working on a description of the concept having a Care Keeper to communicate it to sponsors‌
Working on a Handbook -> Continuing DGOV Companion -> giving a direction for the DGOV idea
Sustainable structures for team management/Strategy and for the future funding
Team Retreat (Ela) – 
  • Supermarkt Berlin Workday+internet working sessions
  • 2-3 Video Call Sessions/day
  • Dates 1st - 3rd of November
Next Steps:
Calendar invite (Ela)
Agenda preparation, Calls, List (Ela)
@Everyone Onboarding process for Core team, proposals
@Everyone inviting people to dedicated calls/sessions at the Retreat/working session
@Everyone Venue proposals
@Everyone: personal Contributions for council
DGOV Council #2
  • dealine for venue: 2nd November
  • Venue so far: Fullnode+Supermarkt
  • Lead for the council or Co-creation?
    • Distributing responsibilities
    • Leader for communicating the Council idea and purpose
      • Tim is taking this role
Next Steps:
See Retreat/working Session
Finding the Lead person for each area in the organizational process
Loomio introduction
Next Steps:
Pheobe will communicate about via Group Chat


  • Knowledge production support (Max) –
  • Leaders / Collaboration and communication support (Ela) – 
  • External awareness & integration (Anja) –

Max / Council invite list

Aeon / Council Collaboration

move all docs to shared DGOV Folder/Events/Events 2020

Max / Conflict resolution

  • Should conflicts be open?
  • How we select the conflicts where we participate?
  • Why it's important to help to solve it?
  • How we can do this

Max / Other networks (not only blockchain)

Max / PM on the council

Closing thought

  • Max: Discussion was productive. understanding as a group is growing. Unfortunately some points weren't addressed. Should be closer to the holacracy process
  • Anja: Good call. let's react faster in social media / Community, represents us.
  • Ela: Left moderator role sometimes. Feld disconnected during a long period in the call. Many questions about value, responsibility and resource distribution in a DGOV process.
  • Tim: Feel that perspective about distributed teams changed over time. We need to have positive flexible leadership, trust, communicate problems in DGOV. Shame of taking leadership was happening. Still in a storming phase and reorganize the group dynamic. Looking forward to see you all.
  • Aeon: This call was a good one. More like open session about personal things and what needs to be communicated. On the other hand saw many things for concrete org context we can solve Like it. Hope we have enough energy for that. Send me tasks, I’m motivated