Dgov Network
Tactical 23.10.2019


  • Record
  • Work until 4:00 pm CET (3-4 core group call / 4-5 community service)
  • Check-in


  • Internal governance clear plan, goals, roles, value exchange (Phoebe) – no upd
  • Funding (Tim) – met and talked about the funding. The funding for event and travel ($10k) can be sponsored by Tezos money. Need the finance plan to have a clear idea about the ticket prices, extra sponsors etc. There're some funds which is cool. Question – should the team get paid. If we co-create maybe no funding needed. Rather see that as co-creation, Ela's not expecting for now, need your feedback.
  • Team Retreat (Ela) – Space is secured and booked, same catering. the only difference – some event in Supermarkt. Question – how we'll fill 2 days planning. Hope we can come up with the messaging for the community to send their ideas. What do you think about dedicating the 2nd hour to discuss the council (agreed).

Max / Newsletter for contributors goals

  • We got a drop in activity, need to revision. Ideas?
  • Anecdote: Pat was asking people on newsletter format. Newsletter was known. Sometimes people open it long after. We achieved a high quality format. To extend the lifecycle – even after it's out we can create a specific site – people can use it as a knowledge.
  • Let's see analytics on other platforms. If you want to have a successful newsletter – need consistency. Most people looked during the events. Hear about our reputation a lot. Not so much about the regularity, but events. Maybe smth like press release website. News reporting system. Luuk can provide a draft of his ideas. He wants to go through dgov cause of reputation, not biased like commercial projects. They cant objectively review. Can also ask people why they haven't opened
  • Sometimes it's about urgency/immediacy. If we have something to share – maybe we need to phrase it as a call to action.
  • We can curate the collection. Should be the one directing the news. What's happening where. Shouldn't overlook the importance of messaging. Some SoMe and website are more efficient. We have a good video team – much better than writing. Hard to get really good writers. Have a lot of fragmented news, no single point of entry. Also revenue stream (Luuk can be engaged).
  • OrgTech review is really specialized, weekly reports are efficient. When was creating a month review – things changed a lot. Legal discussion was really broad. Would be more comfortable to have a specific focus. Narrow the focus.

Max / Where is dgov leadership?

  • Education, advocacy, community
  • Support, but feel restrained. Now have these calls, but don't provide them to the community, don't hear them. They might be able to present themselves. Dgov might provide some sort of education process. Why and how they contribute to the system changes, how they create new models, like Manuella or Felipe to present their projects. Not sure it exists. DAO cast and Aragon have separate agenda.
  • Anybody can come in and ask independent questions. Don't think there's any independent forum for these questions. Maybe what we're doing.
  • Maybe we can have those calls on a weekly basis. People show up in the chat but not after. Would say it can be a form of decentralized leadership. We tale care of the communications and infra. But they emerge, not about us.
  • Support, feels liberating in a way. We discussed to much of the internal, can be present, but extend leadership. Help to moderate. Provide people with code of conduct, certain aspects are fundamental. We can sustain only if we open up.
  • Can stay focused on those 3 subject – join us and we'll have 3 calls per month on those topics. Share experience and support that. Whoever works on that – comes to the call.
  • More collab, less internal

Anja / Code of conduct

  • Approached it from the different way. People don't read them. This is what we don't support – conclude you'll be banned for doing that. We're different, had some issues and the process. Describe more our way of thinking about it. Descriptive nature. We will interpret them. Need to tell what those things mean, what we want to see more often. Have a safe word. If you witness somebody being harsh (thing we don't support) – use this safeword, that would be an indicator for us on the incident. Not about the harassment, but the process so people feel safe. If you feel uncomfortable you can make a complaint. Then we know and can address. So we can have a call straight away. Based on Ethereum – we can add a) how we react and how soon we'll react and b) do we want to communicate to other communities. If somebody made a complaint – it's up to us if we communicate to authorities (or not). We can make aware e.g. Ethereum about the speakers for example on abusers. Probably not publicly, in private (we won't support this person).
  • Support informing other networks about bad actors (community obligation). Question – how neutral we should be? e.g. Kleros/Aragon – decided to be neutral. It's different to be neutral vs strong believes.
  • How does neutrality look like?
  • Not taking the position of opponents, stay outside of disputes. Or do we like to take a stand.
  • We weren't neutral in the Aragon/Kleros – had a conversation, only after that we spoke again and decided not to react. After looking into the conversation – didn't look like a harassment. We directed towards our principle. If they decide to continue... Was a personal, but not towards personality, more over the code quality. We got a request for censoring, by not doing a censorship we were neutral. Need to use the safe word first. Can ask the community to do that for us to take action, if it didn't help – make a complaint.
  • Questions: 1) yes we need to react and 2) official announcement?
  • This will help. Better than just directing to our values.
  • We can also discuss with the community at the council (also announce that) – let's have a session on that.

Ela / Paying the team for the council

Do you expect to be paid?


  • Knowledge production support (Max) –
  • Leaders / Collaboration and communication support (Ela) – 
  • External awareness & integration (Anja) –

Luuk / Questions

  • Pinged Max and Anja on that. First of all what we are and where we aim to be. Is it an umbrella? Shared values system? Full time working opportunity? In Netherlands there's a community developing. What's the ultimate goal? Also for the coming year? How can I contribute? Specific tasks or strategic vision? More reacting for now.
  • We can answer individually:
    • Ela: dgov is a place for continuous exchange around governance and building real infrastructure. Help community to strive with ideas, protocols etc. Team is close. Weekly calls have a quality of friend meeting, challenge ideas and enjoy our time.
    • Max: place of knowledge concentration. dgov is meme. dgov network is a connection platform for different players. dgov foundation (less than 10 people) – body that took a task to sustain and develop the network.
    • Anja: shared platform that provides the calls, agnostic. Reputation of the safe space. Lot's of thing happen in the backstage. But we can maneuver. Education, advocacy, community. A lot of people have materials, courses, canvases. We might provide a space to share and get feedback. Shared governance. How we connect those people together. How we talk to each other, events... Doing for 1.5 years. Don't keep track but see each other at the events. embraces the movement. Freely think about the governance. Interdisciplinary dialog.
  • Makes sense. The main thing, but how we engage the larger community? Our group can benefit from the gained knowledge.
  • Resonates a lot. These calls are unique. Taking it step by step.

Ela / Council

Basic messaging for the communications. Share the date and how we want to organize and invite for the co-creation.
  • 2 things: org the councils in the 24-26 of january in Berlin (Supermarkt + Full node). There's a big difference this time – not to be a signle facilitator but organize together with the community. Also try how dec leadership feels. We could dedicated wed 4-5 to community to discuss and submit proposals to have a better sense what people want.
  • How many people we're aiming for? Less than 200. Haven't identified, last time ~60 people. Aiming that or little more. Curious to see how many people are ready to come. Matter of engaging the community (event is soon). Planned to make an open call. Also thinking about starting community calls from the next week.
  • Need to be clear what we need
  • Maybe start a shared google doc and continuously discuss it with people. Asking for contribution is 1 thing, integrating is additional.
  • Have a lot of inspiration from Odyssey – have a lot of forms. Instead of the doc – maybe a form, to understand what works. Maybe we can invite half of people and than create an open call for another half. We can easily gather 200, but we need a specific type of collab.
  • People need guidelines, easy for people to connect to. Check the google form, will provide the credentials. We can start and open it to the community.
  • Need to specify the amount of spots.
  • Smart
  • We can go broader
  • Personal approach is the way to go.
  • There can be a mix of the goal of the council and the curation of the people. Maybe a specific challenge in dgov. Need a specific reason to come, not just friendship or curiosity. Can work but not for long.
  • State of dgov – is that a thing?
  • This sounds like you want smth from me.
  • Having a strong narrative/common problem. To avoid people's conception and missing the expectations. Governance is broken – help us fix it? Highlight: moving to the next stage of governance. Will have a stronger feedback.
  • 2019 there was a big jump of funds managed by the communities. This might be the beginning of the narrative. trying to bridge certain gaps.
  • Really reaching out beyond the blockchain. Is raise in fund good news or should it be discussed.
  • These topics should be discussed. Issues with MakerDAO governance. People don't feel confident to speak about that. What prevents people to talk about it? Can make someone uncomfortable. What i'd really like to focus on – we promoted the global issues to be resolved. We lost the focus. Need people from other communities. Helpful: reach out to other communities – educate, advocate, community. Aragon, DAO stack can talk about it. They can talk share. can easily have subcategories.
  • Reflects our strategy. Is there some sort of provocation to be added? Can see clearly we're just at the beginning. Honesty about the stuff we don't know. Maybe we can come up with something. To also be frank about that massive stuff.
  • E.g. where we failed, where the soft spots are. Triggers a lot of debates.
  • Map the challenges, advantages of the decentralization. Legal, UI ... If we can have a map who tackles what. This map will help. this is smth we should be doing. Dgov implementation as a collective problem. We can see limits of our current powers.
  • You can define what are you mapping
  • Smth discussed with the DAO fund – need to figure out the problems and collectively solve them.
  • Would english and platform be enough?
  • Metacartel happened – became a thing, as well as Moloch. The conditions to swarms, simplicity.
  • How do we get to the theme? Brainstorm more? Waiting for a week isn't good.
  • Maybe crowdsource and share
  • We need the right questions. 2-3 to understand the fears about the dgov. more actionable.
  • Move to telegram group
  • Nurture first within a smaller group
  • Communicate to the dgov core first

Closing thought