Dgov Network
Tactical 05.06.2019

Project Updates

  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Coordination (Max) – newsletter was out, + feedback, Tinidad meetup, Ljubljana, maybe Amsterdam
  • Research and share knowledge (Max) – landscape report is up, thinking what to do next with it. Challenge – how to create more awareness about the state of dgov/dao in the wider blockchain community
  • Incubation (Max) – proposed the specific Aragon workshop for DAOs, tools and gov proposals
  • Regulation (Anja) –
  • Retreat in Ljubljana (Tim) – we lack communication about that
  • Funding with Seed DAO (Tim) –
  • Web 3 track (Max) – agenda is filling, have a point on the deadlines


Max / Format of updates

Let's do updates without feedback.

Max / Web 3 deadlines

Tim, Max, Phoebe to create the 80% ready agenda by Jul 1

Phoebe / Fitting soft governance into web 3 (d1-d2)

There're would be be fewer people. Should we rethink the agenda to give enough space to the soft governance. Maybe across days. E.g. morning philosophy.
Should the SG be left to day 3?
Max: it overlapps dappcon, dappcon is highly engineering event, audience may be not too ovelapping
Martin: maybe now have blocks, but mix topics. How much space do we have in general. if there's no room – i'll have a tension
It shouldn't block inviting the people.

Martin / DAO Crash Test Discussion

What are the thoughts about increasing the attendance?
Max: we have a 12 mentors in the DAO inc, but only small part participates 2-3 people. People lack interest/incentive from that. Maybe it's not clear how participating will help mentors in the first place.
Phoebe: expanding to the dgov crash test? Come with horizontal workshop? Expand inclusion. Can come with seeds DAO.
  • Collecting feedback? yes,
  • Strict format? CE Ritual Dissent
  • Maybe half workshop/half presentation?
Is the purpose clear and people know what to expect? Tweak for better understanding?
Max: in DB we have maybe 20-30 people who are in early stage of DAO. % can attend on the date, % has motivation to do that. Expand the audience maybe. People think it's an offline workshop. Better marketing/communication will help.
Phoebe: try to invite the expert for incentive. Feel a bit vulnerable. Would like to help and iterate. Like project kitchen.

Phoebe / Meetup in London

Give the same presentation, presenting dgov – vision, strategy, lightning talks + coffee/lightning discussion. Have a free venue (epic!).
Feedback round:
  • How much time needed? (15 will show up)
  • What connections we have in London?
Martin: if agree the date – would love to come earlier. (21-22) Open-coop, hackspace. Some platforms have geo tag – maybe even some aragon people are there.
Max: sharing and event creation 2-3 hours, no big preparations neededs. Jack L, Furtherfield, Open Platform Coops, Colony, Phoebe, Newspeakhouse.
2 weeks enough?
Max: having it connected to some bigger event is a good idea. Smaller audience at start isn't harming, but supports deep relationships.
Martin: let's fix the date with who's most probable there. And go from there. Question – before or after coop. Can take some organization from Phoebe!
Phoebe: night before coops we do a BBQ with the aligned crowd – we may do that just before that (on 26th).

Phoebe / Seeds DAO

Phoebe / website

Max / Phoebe soft governance workshop topics

Max / web 3 knowledge harvest Aeon

Max / OrgHackers Name