Dgov Network
Tactical 08.05.2019
  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Coordination (Max) – newsletter is out
  • Education (Max) – https://dao-landscape.gitbook.io/project/ 1st version is coming on June 3
  • Incubation (Max) – more people applying and joining the chat, organizing DAO crash test 2 end of May, most discussions are about funding
  • Regulation (Anja) – workshop in Florence happened, there's a doc on principles, bottom-down and top-down (for regulators and founders). Alessandro is asking for legal research – is very interesting. Waiting for feedback from the community. WIP
  • Strategic Meeting (Martin/Tim) – the location is booked, Aeon came back by reimbursements (Tim: if anybody needs reimbursements – write after the event), have the first iteration of topics
  • Workshop in Ljubljana (Tim) – postponed without the date, before we sort out the Strategic meeting
  • Funding with Seed DAO (Tim) – no upd
  • Web 3 track (Max) – am in conversation with Lindsay (Tim: can support), waiting for final yes or terms before going further (would be branded as dgov) (Tim will call)
Iteration of agenda
We need an agreement on purpose (deep or wide). Please tell why we want to spend time together:
  • Phoebe: success = very high momentum, have collective ways, avoid pointless rabbit holes, practices with bells to bring us back to present and big picture. Have some time to reconnect and say our intentions. Check-in in person, dinner/meal, why are we doing this. Shared vision and purpose.
  • Anja: same, a lot needs to be done, a question about 150 people, understand how we do different tasks, what is the strategy
  • Max: clear action plan. Doesn’t feel like a typical organisation, everyone pursues his/her ideals, but then I want to understand where we can support each other
Have time to share ideas we have and better understand why each of us want to do different things
. See how we want to collaborate and go from there.

  • Tim: Refresh on the vision, if we want to be more involved – get funding. Have a proposal for the action plan. Need alignment
See the reiteration of the purpose (start with why). Overview – what's in our portfolio. What we can achieve by being part of the system. ~Personalities and profiles. What they like dealing with and what they don’t like dealing with. Better understand why people react and trigger in different ways. Please give feedback on a rough schedule(ish) of the areas you listed
  1. 1.
    Purpose (of our work)
  2. 2.
    Principles (of how we work together)

  3. 3.
    Practices (or Protocols?)

  4. 4.
    Personalities (diversity, yay!)

  5. 5.
    Partners (...)

  6. 6.
    Portfolio-Planning (what's next, what's important)
  7. 7.
    Party ;-)
Comfortable with it?
Tim: don't work on the 1st day. Yeap. Have a biz model I want to introduce. We can communicate to Martin instead of a clear timeline.
Phoebe: Personalities come before (Tim: support). Would like to set deliverables for each point (e.g. motives, way of work, trigger for each person). Add a Business model (value-in, value-out). Schedule downtime.
Anja: adding Funding as a part of our schedule
Max: +goals till the end of the year
Martin: if you see the exercise to address the point – let me know.
Strategic session schedule
Martin: go by priorities and take the time that's needed. We can have rough blocks to ensure we have blocks
Proposal with shared time
Tim: Martin pls schedule the brakes and downtime, want to see it beforehand
When come/leave, sleep longer?
Ask Aeon to do that
Breakfast 8:30
Martin will send preliminary
Meetup in Berlin
Do meetup as in Amster (2-3 hours, lightning talks, open discussion). Feedback:
  • Phoebe: maybe update from dgov, drinks
  • Tim: make dgov update, have enough updates from the strategic session. Welcome open format in general. We might want to do announcements.
  • Martin: not qualified
  • Anja: focused on dgov, maybe join forces. There's a lot of people working on legal research in Berlin. Focus on dgov community.
Anja can announce the meetup
How much time for dgov?
  • Discuss next week
Date of meetup
More people dgov strategy
ISSG etc
Meetup in Berlin Planning / Subpoints
Best way to engage with web3, planning
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