Dgov Network
Tactical 12.06.2019

Project Updates

  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Coordination (Max) – Anja did a meetup at Carribean
  • Research and share knowledge (Max) – no update
  • Experimentation & Incubation (Max) – no update
  • Implementation & Regulation (Anja) – Tim will participate in the DAO workshop, have the DAO principles doc
  • Retreat in Ljubljana (Tim) – expected Maria and Anja to come up with locations, but no news there, no capacity to push it forward. Will ping
  • Funding with Seed DAO (Tim) – have a point on that to discuss. There's some backlog on the marketing. Had a conversation with Decred and Colony, they and other players have tools they can provide. Very interesting opportunity is to be interdisciplinary network, but we need to finalize funding. Next step – work through solution providers, have professional knowledge about solutions. Requires attention.
  • Web 3 track (Max) – we have some speakers (~30% agenda ready), have some collusion with DAO stack event. 2 weeks before read
    • Day 1 (Tim)
    • Day 2 (Max)
    • Day 3 (Phoebe)


1 Max / Web3+DAO stack collusion

DAO Stack is doing 2 - 6 pm on 20th, our talks will be finished by 1pm, we will have panels, so people with web3 tickets will probably stick with the panel if they like.

1 Phoebe / Tracks instead of days topics

Phoebe: Mix all topics in days
  • planning visitor time across topics
  • organizing / curating the topics from managerial point
Tim: share concerns but like the topic coding
Martin: easy enough to code by days. Not sure how speakers commit to days. Speakers can be available only on specific days. Can group and shuffle. Like everything in a day.
Phoebe: like Martin idea, have groups for selection but want to have some agility.
Tim: it changes the dynamic about the time allocation.
Max: Phoebe pls make a draft and let's see the how we can fit
Let's assign the LL, feedback: we want this? (responsibilities: funds distribution, role assignments)
  • Max: want, this will clarify and formalize things
  • Phoebe: yeap, fits to roles discussion, we can rotate that. Everybody holds the purpose, the election can be for 6 months for example
  • Tim: would be good to make explicit. welcome role conversations. If too much centralized will stay in the way
  • Aeon: not sure if it includes other community members, not sure if 6 weeks is a good approach
  • Martin: all see benefits, ambigious about the leadership as person, rather the role (driver)
  • Anja?
Next point who is it. And what about rotation/revisiting.

1 Phoebe / Ljubljana retreat

Phoebe: There was a sense that Tim's holding this – especially dates.
Tim: need somebody to take leadership here (Anja, Phoebe?). Maybe we don't have a driver for this right now. Is somebody willing to take it? There're people who can support.
Phoebe: we allocate our funds? (no). Can make a draft budget.
Tim: we need to sell tickets in advance for security (3 months in advance). So probably September-October.
Phoebe: need to check with Anja and Marina (Aeon will check).

1 Martin / dgov study group

Am going to have some time to work on DAO Stack, Genesis, wiki. Looking for the research partner.
Can be Aeon, Max.

Phoebe / Seeds DAO

Phoebe / website

Max / Web 3 knowledge harvest Aeon

Max / OrgHackers Name

Phoebe / dgov London meet up

Phoebe / dgov funding

Phoebe / Roles

Tim / Funding partner and tools for dgov seed dao

Tim / Move to spreadsheet from doc

Tim / should we bring equipment?

Phoebe / Attendance question