Tactical 15.05.2019


  • Work until 4:00 pm CET

  • Coordination (Max) – meetup is coming, 4 ppl

  • Education (Max) – https://dao-landscape.gitbook.io/project/ 1st version is coming on June 3

  • Incubation (Max) – DAO crash test 2 coming, fund discussion happen

  • Regulation (Anja) – there's a couple of legal groups (a bit messy) – people are in different groups. Would be nice to have 1 list.

  • Strategic Meeting (Martin/Tim) – happening, have a cook, will drive there Friday morning, will help to pick up from the public transport

  • Workshop in Ljubljana (Tim) – postponed without the date, before we sort out the Strategic meeting

  • Funding with Seed DAO (Tim) – got offer to build a think tank for revision.io, this would mean paid positions

  • Web 3 track (Max) – have the 1st step as an agenda point today






Tickets Web3 (they are not free by default, it's a huge loss for them 250k-500k in losses) so they ask us to only ask for discounted tickets where necessary.

We get nothing for free

Organizers pay for tickets (can contact Tim if absolutely necessary – can be paid or discounted). Maybe can use Tezos funds.


Web3 dgov track expectations (brainstorm)

  • all tickets sold for the dgov retreat

  • lots of preregistration for the dgov council

  • the community developed (in numbers?), subscriptions

  • dgov seed Dao memberships (e.g. +75 from 150 in total)

  • the report of the track in the end, all valuable input

  • high media impact (followers etc)

  • nice workshops (6 or something, including legal)

  • top speakers in the field

  • demo zone

  • participatory / collaborative spirit

  • attracted investors

  • get extra sponsorship / cover costs + nice freebies

  • do speed dating or other connecting activity

  • share the landscape

  • have a wall with finding team, resources etc.


More people dgov strategy

Max: can have better diversity, but no time already

Tim: couldn't convince Ela, but would love to have her





ISSG etc


Meetup in Berlin Planning / Subpoints


Best way to engage with web3, planning