Dgov Network
Tactical 19.05.2019

Max / Making better community

What can be improved?
Tim: interpersonal relationships, deep connections
Aeon: not doing specific goals tension is big, stops the flow & motivation, specifically network
Phoebe: Regularity, monthly meetup in Berlin. Depth is great too, but regularity is most. More articles, content.
Anja: whenever we have events, see when we're there and do satellite events. Opportunity to argue in person.
How do I know community is good for you?
Tim: shared culture and rituals, which frequency we come togethers, purpose and interest. Strongly interconnected.
Aeon: clearly defined purpose why are we the community
Martin: shared interest, possibility to act on this interest together (purpose can be different). Forum to come from
Phoebe: strong shared identity (who we invite, who not). Longevity, shared commitment. Trust – what people do for each other.
Anja: balanced community, longevity, interesest, frequency. Not good community if no balance. Everybody is capable of contributing in a balanced life. Not one overweights the others. Harmony.
What is our shared identity? (Ethereum Magicians)
Aeon: System hackers (6) – phase shift for the systems, next era
Martin: transmogrifiers (0, World changers) – something new and better, surptising and unexepected
Phoebe: burning man sect of blockchain (but without money) 0, blockchain hippies (0). Place of deep connection, soft governance and values. Refiners. Funky, fun, punks, rebels (3)
Anja: cyberpunk (6) / cypherpunk (0) /rebellions, against the system, interdisciplinary, do a education. Playful attitude. Rational reimbursement for hard moments.
Tim: White rabbits (2-3), carrers (4), connectors networkers (4), connecting the worlds. Not perceived the problem solvers. How we make certain values.
Max: org rephormators (6)
Org hackers?

Tim / What is the 1 major problem we'd like to solve as the core group

Anja: People have different expectation between tools and end goal. Are we a networking group. Collaborators broadly discussing. What comes next. We never generated the movement. Major problem: how we generate the movement.
Phoebe: connecting the different components of community and tools. Deciding how dgov systems will help the world. Connecting tissue.
Martin: Giving the platform to take action and experiments. On how we can see the world as 1 system and go from competition to better. Problem: engaging people to work together.
Aeon: created artificial systems to react to complex world, not adaptive enough. All other things, not enough dynamic. Can't react to future. Other things are tools or mission in it. Supporting current system in the phase shift.
Max: Improve organizations, connecting tissues to make it
Tim: dgov is the solution for problem – non scaling, inclusive governance. Doesn't have enough knowledge to make decision. How do we make a governance system that will allow our planet to flourish. If we don't get it we die.
[group discussion for 20 mins]

Martin / Work in pairs

Take responsibility in the pairs
When something needs done there're should be a pair who take the responsibility to take it.
  • not for all tasks
  • not experienced it here
  • work in other organizations
  • if a person doesn't need to have the second
  • if nobody wants then maybe reduce a scope
  • it's ok if it's a recommendation, can raise a question
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