Dgov Network
Tactical 19.06.2019

Project Updates

  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Coordination (Max) – dgov meetup in London, opencoop+dgov collab coming
  • Research and share knowledge (Max) – we're rethinking our wiki, forming the product vision
  • Experimentation & Incubation (Max) – DAO crash test 3 is next friday, @aragon ecosystem, Luke Duncan would be one of the experts
  • Implementation & Regulation (Anja) – published the list of all legal groups
  • Retreat in Ljubljana (Tim) – Aeon started to do an orga sheet, outlined the goals, date defined?, waiting for venue proposal (2-3 weeks for that)
  • Funding with Seed DAO (Tim) – worked on the architecture, can't use Aragon or DAO Stack, those tools can be used for coordination inside (overlay abstraction layer)
  • Web 3 track (Max) – preparing the announcement, defined outcomes a bit more,
    • Day 1 (Tim)
    • Day 2 (Max)
    • Day 3 (Phoebe)


1 Max / Web 3 outcomes - check once more

Shared, thanks for your feedback

1 Tim / Funding question

Need full time person for building the community. Also funds for research. Need somebody from the community to lead this, who has trust from the core and the community. Spoke with some people. The only person i feel good about is Ela. Wanted to org the funding before that. Want to organize a year of funding. Need to organize the funding round. Will give further updates on that. If you propose and ready to organize the funding – ho ahead. $50k.
Tim: seed dao has specs, don't want to work with agents. We rather make people invest than get rewards.
Anja: not sure if it should be a full job. But you can also give a commission rate for funding. Support Ela on board
Max: like Ela. Somebody from the core team knows better what's needed to be done.
Phoebe: feel excited to spend more time in the following year. Big decision – let's make it together. Who, how much, how many people we need. Is it really full time? To do only this full time. We shouldn't just decide so quickly on person and amount. Becoming a member haven't even been started for Ela. Can help with funding.
Martin: like Ela, know what she did for the rchain. Close to the heart of the idea. The right to propose shouldn't be linked to I bring the funds for it.
Aeon: Ela – the only person with the experience, but not comfortable to discuss it without her.

1 Phoebe / dgov funding

1 Tim / Resource availability

1 Aeon / Dates on Ljubljana

1 Phoebe / Who goes where in the agenda

1 Phoebe / how to best publicise DGOV - web3, retreat etc - at OPEN 2019


  • Could have done better job with prioritization
  • There's difference between governance & tactical
  • Can start with urgent practical, and more abstract leave for later
  • See the need for separate meetings (urgent+important, only important)
  • 1 hour / week might not be enough
  • Meeting important, neet to separate governance/tactical
  • Need to allocate more time
  • Separate call for Ljubljana
  • Will setup a web3 dedicated all

Phoebe / Seeds DAO

Phoebe / website

Max / Web 3 knowledge harvest Aeon

Max / OrgHackers Name

Phoebe / dgov London meet up

Phoebe / Roles

Tim / Funding partner and tools for dgov seed dao

Tim / Move to spreadsheet from doc

Tim / should we bring equipment?

Phoebe / Attendance question

Max / Devcon node

Anja / Luuk