Dgov Network
Tactical 26.06.2019

Project Updates

  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Coordination (Max) – meetup on friday
  • Research and share knowledge (Max) – no major updates
  • Experimentation & Incubation (Max) – DAO crash test 3 is next friday (15 people)
  • Implementation & Regulation (Anja) – no major updates
  • Retreat in Ljubljana (Anja) – formed a group, having talks with special agency, who's responsible. Will provide info on mon next week. Also have another venue just in case with 4 people room
  • Funding with Seed DAO (Tim) – ?
  • Web 3 track (Max) – announcement goes on Jul 1, have 50-80% of agenda ready, talking with web3 foundation to sync


Anja / Dates on Ljubljana

Anja: Late september / early october.
Phoebe: need to be in NZ since late september - early october
Anja: might be possible to do in september. Not sure who confirms the dates. Talking about 2 days. Aeon has access to doodle. Missing relevant people.
Action point? Anja will text Aeon to have the confirmation.

Phoebe / who needs to be at retreat

Will take part in budgeting and facilitation. Wondering who are the core people who need to decide.
Anja: think Phoebe is.
Phoebe: didn't know that
Core (preliminary):
  • Anja
  • Marina
  • Phoebe
  • Matei
  • Tim
  • Aeon
  • ...

Phoebe / how to best publicise DGOV - web3, retreat etc - at OPEN 2019

Publicity plan, we have 50 people open coop, Maria, and other people with aligned interest. Our purpose is to bridge. Would be nice to have dates, dgov lightning talk space. Strategically have leaflets with events?
Need your feedback on publicity on the events:
  • Max: if you need leaflets – i can easily create the design, but you need to print locally. There's a wiki page with 20 events in the upcoming months. Adding people to the dgov group will help. Sign up on the website is ideal. Can use my presentation if you need.
  • Anja: good to have some design in vector. Great idea.
  • Martin: not sure about leaflets, don't believe in paper. Advertising and visual language is important. Rather an events page on wiki.
  • Ela: we often do – created shared docs, everybody who showed interest can add ideas. Good repo for the mutual work. Maybe a wiki will work for that. If they can create outlines of talks – that would be great.
Phoebe: printing a couple of flyers may be good idea.

Max / OrgHackers Name

Changing the community to some identity like Org Hacker:
  • Phoebe: have a strong reaction against it. Maybe because it's a new information. We are a dgov community, have already a strong brand.
  • Anja: haven't got bad experience with name. Had some confusion dgov/dgov network. New name can add confusion. People in the network don't know much about the effort. Openning up more about the core might be useful. Would like people to see what dgov is.
  • Martin: dgov sounds a bit odd. Usually say distributed governance immediately. Org Hackers is a little unspecific, dgov is more clear what we are about. Not sure if dgov should have a core at all.
  • Ela: for dgov. Abstract but invites to learn about it. Refrain from the identity that will open the door for some people but close for others

Ela / Support the org work for dgov

Tim asked to help organizing dgov. Was an opportunity to come to the group. There're 2 tensions:
  • don't think it's good to centralize everything around 1 party
  • don't think i'm in position to dedicate a lot of time to organize
Glad to be asked, to think where I can contribute. Also Andreas, we're close to the group. We can take some tasks. Don't feel well about creating the position. Don't want to be the only one compensated. That won't be right. The model should compensate everybody. Would be nice to have a session about the open tasks (like fundraising). – maybe set up soon
Also how everybody feels about it? Approve?
  • Martin: greatful for putting it in telegram so clearly. Divide and conquer shouldn't be the style. Not out on somebody shoulder, but be responsible together. Agree overall. Thanks!
  • Phoebe: express many things. Feel strongly – we need to practice the dgov practice. Great that you've brought it. Many things are bundled. Would be great to have Ela with us. Compensating is important. How we decide how much money we want to raise, roles etc. Exicted to put all those topics unbundled. With care and time.
  • Anja: Appreciate it. Hope you feel comfortable, we all are invested. Discussed the fundraising. Good time to discuss the evaluation process so we know how to distribute them. Support creating a shared perspective on funds we already have. Understand you. Couldn't handle all the work. Having someone devoted. Hope it means we can operate.
  • Max: let's select point from the strategy – already some interest found.
Ela: maybe talk on the next week meeting. We can discuss and take a step further.

Phoebe / website

Next one

Phoebe / handover of retreat to Anja or ?
Anja / Dates on Ljubljana

Phoebe / dgov funding

Tim / Resource availability

Phoebe / Who's coming to the events

Phoebe / Seeds DAO

Phoebe / dgov London meet up

Phoebe / Roles

Tim / Funding partner and tools for dgov seed dao

Tim / Move to spreadsheet from doc

Tim / should we bring equipment?

Phoebe / Attendance question

Max / Devcon node

Anja / Luuk