Dgov Network
Tactical 03.07.2019

Project Updates

  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Coordination (Max) – newsletter delayed, Barcelona meetup. London meetup: open-coop was great, looked a lot like dgov event, some blockchain people were there (colony, holochain, aragon), got feedback on the seed dao. Was good to see where we're heading. People were curious, had more people joined. Was a strong backslash against blockchain from people from other industries.
  • Research and share knowledge (Max) – talked with giveth gov labs to build collab research work
  • Experimentation & Incubation (Max) – dao crash test 3 happened
  • Implementation & Regulation (Anja) – we have lot's of jurisdictions, working on the info what legal forms / jurisdictions we have for DAOs, working on the web3 track
  • Retreat in Ljubljana (Anja) – Matei in contact with the agency. Adam should have come to Slovenia for eco-villages, recognized we can be partners, can have discussion about dgov. Maybe retreat in the eco-village, maybe unlikely. Trouble with the dates – need a new doodle with weekdays.
  • Funding with Seed DAO (Tim) – know the parties who can fund, important to do in 2 stages. Need a stronger focused person first, to start the paperwork, lobbying etc. Speaking with Ela. Invite the ideas about the funding
  • Web 3 track (Max) – feels on track, doing more detailed program announcement soon


Max / Devcon node

Everybody likes the idea
Need help with getting in touch with Lane

Anja / Dates for Ljubljana

How do you feel about another doodle? Appropriate to come during the week?
  • Tim: during the week more complicated to relax and not to do work. Another thing – we're loosing a lot of time by finding the ideal time for all. But if you like to prio – would love to see Martin there
  • Ela: do we have a preferred date at all? (yes 20-21-22) So arrival on Thu 19th? (yes) and Sunday - half day?
  • Max: support what Tim said
  • Phoebe: as well. Surprised about the speed. Too many projects on Aeon? Maybe we can help unblocking. Priority is the good retreat (minimum viable team)
  • Tim: maybe we need to change based on location.

Ela / Potential tasks (fundraising)

Had conversation with all of you, 2 things important. Felt a certain reservation about the task about community building for 1-2 people. Our project needs distributed responsibility. We can distribute in accordance with skills / preferences. Feel doubt about 1 paid position / sustainable work for everyone. Maybe smaller projects inside the team. Current status of works and responsibilities. Entire community building task was assigned to Tim (in wiki). Probably some kind of burden. The outtake from open-coop, 3 pillars:
  • facilitating community communication (chat)
  • creating information flows (max - newsletter, research papers)
  • building processes inside the community (e.g. raising funds for the research paper) – where's the project folder, how we can help setup.
Was thinking about specific formats, e.g. beweekly community call on zoom. Done with RChain, like the format. Another idea – rotating moderation in telegram. Helping build processes to store information online. Would be ready to help with those tasks. Also finding the sustainability for the team in terms of funding.
Also Andreas could be super interested to help with incoming tasks (like event organization). We love to do that. What you think about that?
  • Any chance to look into Seed DAO Paper – no, haven't read
  • Anja: support that. Every time somebody asks – there's a bunch of ways to describe it. If anybody want to do smth – its supported. We need to find the mutual idea. Like that Ela has a strategic mindset. Hearing about the handbook – really liked it.
  • Phoebe: happy having you, enjoy hearing your suggestions. Good ideas. DAO Stack, Enspiral, Capra Course community – there're patterns / best practices. Also in-person meetings. Lack of funds stopped us before. Would be less barrier. Missing layer of how we govern the community. Strategy and funding are needed. Allows us to make choice about who will do the work. 3 things: governance, funding and strategy. It's easy to contribute fo free when you the infrastrcuture
  • Ela: could be different layers on engagement. It's totally aligned, increased visibility. We could also start from minor sources.
  • Max: really welcome your contribution, good to be added on the strategy file. let's rock it.
  • Tim: have frustration, don't think that fundraising is difficult. I can do that very good, can identify the needed people. We have a potent team to receive large amounts of funding. What was missing – opportunity to close the funding. Another part of frustration – we now organize in holacracy, have some processes etc. My hope is we start working on how we scale, need a catalyst. For me it's the core people. Need some institutionalization. Without a separate legal entity. Want to show it's possible. Would love to ficus on that area. Don't want to keep in the responsibility. Need to clean up the proposal, need somebody driving that. Have a person of contact, committed person. How we can solidify.
Ela: What it takes to fund the seed dao? Plan? (yes) Roadmap rather than strategy map?
Tim: Both – network and plan. All soft governance aspects don't need to be specified, need a multisig first and partner contracts. dgov as a project.


Phoebe: focusing on dgov seed dao and funding. Is it an open call or focusing on one person
TIM: One person as a lead, but open call to all contributors. The proposal Tim had, he feels confident if he supports two projects and shoots this in direction of Ela, who would help with funding and would take the role of getting the funding. Also all are invited to catalyse the role of funding. Anything else is not such a problem, the timing should be right, we should close the funding in next 6 months. The earlier we can do this, the better. We’re not the only ones - other projects are doing the same, they might be copying some of our ideas.
Ela: Suggestion, she would like to see this as an open call, it is difficult to see what it is that needs to be tackled. Who is going to be a reference point. If we sent a link, Ela can get a better understanding of what are the next steps.
When we have our next call, we can see how to proceed.
TIM: Agree, will share the document and have a meeting about the document which will serve as the information source. It’s super useful to increase the transparency about how we do things.
Phoebe: which document? Minimum viable DAO ‘’DGOV Seed DAO’’. Want to get better understanding of what are the roles in DGOV, is this really an open call or have you decided that Ela is taking the lead?
Tim: Proposed that Ela joins the core team and that she takes over the funding. Trust because of the RChain and knows she can reach the goal. Made a mistake as he did not proposed this early on. Had a feeling that Phoebe would be interested in driving other things in DGov. Would love to see collaboration.
Ela: Feels very odd, not comfortable. This is not the setting of collaboration she wants to have. Thankful for trust, but feels odd if we qualify the potential we see in each other, doesn’t seem right. Ela made a proposal to look into the Seed DAO document and derive concrete steps, proposing them and see who would like to work on those with Ela.
Tim: This is not answering the question on how to get the funding, would need a profile of a person that can provide funding.
Ela: This is not technical question.
Tim: If i go to three sources, getting 50k, cross-funded by DAOStack, it’s a small investment from their side. If Supermarkt would receive that, how do we split this. If Phoebe takes more responsibility in this, it’s totally fine with TIm. What Tim is trying to get clarity is who the contact person is, how we receive the funding, how to communicate this with sponsors and what story we tell.
Ela: would be ok with being point of contact and take care of the funds.
Phoebe: this is a longer conversation. Understand that Tim has worked with Ela for a longer time. Can see operational points. We need to practice with each other the way we see governance and collaboration.
Tim: It’s not easy to govern distribution and think of this all the time.
Ela: What we’re going through is a formation process, it’s not really about complicated communication. Cannot tackle what the issue is. Technicality - having a point of contact is an easy one, but assuring fund raising is a process where more people engage.
Phoebe: Can imagine working with three people, Ela and Tim. Working out what is the best way of doing it.

Anja / Onboarding people

Phoebe / Handbook on dgov (decision making, onboarding, offboarding etc)

Anja / Addressing the skeptics