Dgov Network
Tactical 04.09.2019

Project Updates

Purpose: Develop a Vibrant Network
  • Record? (+)
  • Work until 5:00 pm CET


  • Tim: Phoebe conversation, got a lot of positive feedback on article from the community. Orgs can pay, like Aragon for the work. Maybe Gnosis on so on. Need time to sync on that. EU funding opportunities can be pursued.
  • Ela: there's still stuff around group dynamics. Would like to figure out before we move with funding.

Max / Elect the Secretary, Facilitator

1 mo.
Secretary Nominations:
  • Anja: Ela
  • Ela: Ela
  • Aeon: Ela (me second)
  • Tim: Aeon / Ela
  • Max: Aeon
  • Ela ++
  • Aeon +++ (selected)
Facilitator Nominations:
  • Anja: Ela
  • Ela: Ela
  • Aeon: Ela
  • Tim: Ela
  • Max: Ela
  • Ela +++++

Ela / Group energy

Everyone appreciated the last call retro. Is there anything left to discuss? E.g. coming up with proposals or not feeling appreciated.
  • Tim: some things are not cleared up. Felt a little bit... reflected on the dynamic between the team ~fundraising. A lot of people rely on that. At the same time it can be a dominant behaviour. This becomes more clear it repeated in dgov. Because of resistance and reflection could see it, but feel a bit lost how we do things together, feel disempowered. Looking for some navigation
  • Ela: feel pretty much the same. How we can get more doing stuff. It has to do with being allowed to speak on behalf of the team. Appreciate the desire to fund our work. Maybe have the same role in Supermarkt. Probably easy, but feel a bit lost. Would like to ask Max, how to step up and do.
  • Max: ...
  • Ela: thinking how we can get unstuck. Endless debates can be not ptoductive
  • Tim: always thought we're a doacracy. Never given enough room so I need to give authority. Wasn't true for the Tezos budget and the retreat. Really about doing something. Feel a bit burnt out. Sorry for lack of outcome
  • Aeon: this tensions is more about trust and group governance. From my perspective is based on trust and shared vision. Trust the group to do things and be aligned. E.g. Tim goes for funding, doesn't need to ask me. Just be transparent and open for input, so i can provide help and share my opinion/tensions. Do not slow anyone down. More the feeling to be more appreciated.
  • Anja: still haven't checked the recording. Was still a bit coming back to this planet. It's 1.5 years every week – every time the energy is super great. We can do more if it's more clear / better directed. Would discuss it inside before going for funding. There're docs tasks, input (the final work). When we see the funding opps – we come up with different vision. Maybe care more about the community – way to go. Still need to check recording.

Tim / Steps forward + feedback round + Small next steps based on the feedback

Whats are the next 1-2 steps we see?
  • Tim: more time with the core team – meet before the end of the year. And dgov council.
  • Max: very second that. like 2 days together before council + 2 days council
  • Ela: work on the retreat, feel the need in the space for us. Need to take time for that. Maybe with focus on retreat.
  • Aeon: up for planning the next retreat. Also up to do small meetups in Berlin. Very motivated to communicate with the local community
  • Anja: up to renew the retreat talks. Web3 people were open to host us, like Zurich or Romania. Maybe have a small call with them. Open to have new councils.

Tim / Feedback on Erasmus

  • Ela: Haven't thought about Erasmus as weren't focused on young people. But is nice and 2 pages is easy. Maybe have a personal meeting with them after that.
  • Max: i never thought about student as audience. We got few students doing their MD papers on governance. And getting the fund under that can move us from the trajectory. The Erasmus Programme (EuRopean Community Action Scheme for the Mobility of University Students)
  • Tim: we should do what we do, they deliver else. They take $5k for their work (pay 50/50). Then we can stay focus on our stuff. It's too much of an opportunity and a good exercise.
  • Aeon: good to have a clear task. Getting funds is also a commitment and security
  • Anja: $5k seems legit. Never thought of Erasmus either. Having students onboard is an opportunity. Utilizing blockchain fro students needs is a hand-in-hand work. A lot of blockchain apps can help students. Great opportunity. Having a consortium is a great opportunity as well.

Tim / when can we come together?

Aeon can prepare the doodle and finalize at the call


  • Dgov Identity (Max) – no update, just discussions
  • Survey (Max) – 11 answers so far, interested in Tim's and whoever else

Max / Partners ISSDG+Consensys (show map)

Ela / Retreat how to proceed

Haven't agreed on the cancellation letter – pls comment. Would be nice to have something feasible.
(Max: I trust you)

Anja / Retreat

Need to schedule the call with Ori and Orzan and include that in the letter.
Tim: can you ask Ori, & i'll ask Orzan until the end if the week. Like your plan.

Max / Next Council

Overall, when, where
  • Anja: virtual summit on 20th of Jan – set date. If we know dates of Aragon – good idea. In the middle of nowhere is brave. Before or after Aracon is great. There's also a place in UK (Ambercom).
  • Tim: share the perspective, but also we're big enough. Have traction. If we find the host for free - that can be the determining partner. Don't want to be in the shadow. Should be neutral. For small events nice to have it connected. But next council can be a standalone. Shouldn't go with the paid location. Will priotitize our meeting as soon as possible.
  • Aeon: nothing to add
  • Max: Full node, other major players DAO stack, maybe EU grant, web3... if association would be broad, still like people to not travel twice. Berlin is THE CITY.
Next steps: Max will ask Aragon about their plan/dates. Prepare the council concept paper (why and what outcomes we want to have).

Closing thought

  • Anja: good meeting, like 2 hours and discussions about new events
  • Aeon: love it, all's cool, commitments are clear, feel motivated
  • Max: super great meeting, moving in the right direction
  • Tim: great meeting. Thankful that we could resolve inner tensions