Dgov Network
Tactical 07.08.2019

Project Updates

Purpose: Develop a Vibrant Network
  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Community
    • Facilitate group communication (chat, forum, newsletter etc) by Max – the base is growing a bit
    • Create information flows (wiki, map) by Max – no updates
    • Establish processes within the network (meetups, media) by Ela – no update
  • Co-Create Events
    • Web3 dgov track by Max – 80-90% done, Aragon sponsors video + 1-2 extra tickets. Going pretty good. Sending tips to the speakers
    • Retreat in Ljubljana by Anja – applied for the Tax ID in Slovenia, paid 25% to the hotel, many people say price is high, notice
    • Meetup at Devcon by Max – need to coordinate with Makoto
  • Launch dgov experiments
    • Funding with Seed DAO by Tim – no update, have a working session today. Strategy first.


Ela / Retreat feedback

Ela: Discussed, concerns: short notice and even more the price. What it is we're offering. People are ready to pay for trainings even more. But how much we ask for co-creation? In general the need is there.
Tim: i want to raise the attention – let's not mix the price the critics with else. We have 8 page views overall. Our strategy to send invites through eventbrite – 90% wasn't even seen. Our funnel process is too complicated. The feedback i got – it's needed, good format. What could be clearer – what exactly do we offer, food, services, facilitation etc. All over all 0 tickers sold. Better call it off and rebuild the preregistration list. Maybe closer to Berlin. The format is good – need similar. On price – if we want people who can move things can afford this price. We lack the people with networks behind to give the traction.
Anja: what Ela said happened to me as well. The time is not enough. Together with the format – that price and google docs it doesn't look nice. We need to expose it better. Pleasantly surprised many people were interested and got back. People are willing to go. Would like to think of 2 things: 1) who we need invited. We know people we want to have and know they are not ready to pay those prices. Lower prices, like around Berlin, would be ok. 2) if we're going with event like this we need a better strategy and look professional. Would go through the budget either way. Need sponsorship & scholarships. Can we lower the amount of tickets.
Would it make sense to attract sponsor without the organic sales? Who can sponsor? (won't pursue without people commitments).
What are we doing with this events?

Tim / Retreat – should we cancel this one?

Aeon: All 80 people were reached? Maybe more feedback needed? Then we can say for sure. We can still make some change for the ticket price.
Ela: haven't written on the list. What about the people not from the list. Not sure how we can measure our reach. We can totally see the lack of interest and commitment. If we postpone – how we do it? Doesn't make us look good. But reframing to the next retreat and expectations. That would require some brainstorming and collective effort and good messaging about the cancellation.
Anja: what we discussed with Phoebe – rather make it a core meeting (not cancelling). Need Phoebe too. Changing it something else is a viable idea
Aeon: does it mean just paying the hotel price and just co-creating (kinda, it's cheap).
Tim: burning money which are not ours. Don't see how we build community with this. Not convinced it's a good idea. It's always a bias as you invested some. If those risks are not covered/shared – Aug 15 is a clear deadline for the decision. Am not a person to see it happen. Not just about price – don't pay facilitators, flights etc. Rather call it off and propose other location/time.
Ela: must say i second Tim thoughts, hard to find sponsors without the member contributions. Difficult to get 20 subscribers in 1 week, would be hard. Pricing and timing seems to be the issue. Wonder how much we want ton invest in thinking about the cancelling and new plan. We can handle that in a productive way. Would be best for now to call it off. The chances are low.
Anja: it took as quite a while to put everything together. We were aware it was hard to sell so many tickets. The stats doesn't mean anything – we need to go direct. Email in this era isn't enough. More awareness will happen at web3. Cancellation makes sense as we don't have a strategy.
Tim: reached 40 people for the council. This work is impossible to do in the next week. Can't create traction from 0. After reaching our community through our channels and having no positive registrations – very very unlikely to see additional positive feedback. Maybe it's because of web3-devcon timing. Also maybe sep is not good. Not motivated to do that.
Summary: wait until Aug 15. If any interest appears to be promising – we'll work it out. Otherwise – Tim won't pay for the hotel. In the meantime plan for the cancellation and asking for feedback.

Tim / Actively promote the event further?

Best to discuss with Phoebe and think meanwhile. Anja will coordinate.

Max / Tim Workshop

Max / web3 post production

Tim can bring the hardware

Tim / Telegram, rocketchat for dgov?

Ela / Web3 tickets

Have a case with the identity panel. Have hard time explaining.