Dgov Network
Tactical 10.07.2019

Project Updates

purpose: Develop a Vibrant Network
  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Community
    • Facilitate group communication (chat, forum, newsletter etc) by Max – newsletter out
    • Create information flows (wiki, map) by Max – published some stats, have 400+ members
    • Establish processes within the network (meetups, media) by Ela – am putting to the seed dao paper
  • Co-Create Events
    • Web3 dgov track by Max – in process, need to push some talks
    • Retreat in Ljubljana by Anja – going with the location in the forest, will prob. have venue soon and for a good price. Agency proposed high prices, we can go lower.
    • Dgov track and devcon by Max – plan to connect with Lane some time soon and merge our visions
  • Launch dgov experiments
    • Funding with Seed DAO by Tim – found some time to make a draft on funding goals. Clarity is missing, can solidify through the meeting maybe next week


Tim / Ljubljana Registration + Money

Anja, need to pay or we can loose the opportunity. Need help with making the invite. Let's ensure we come together to go through the participants lists. High Priority.
Who are co-facilitators? Who's willing to help with the registration? (eventbrite is there, need drafts of engagement letters). Set up the process for sponsoring, like google form.
  • Anja: Aeon should do that? (yeap, he's in vacation) Can have a call with him – let's have a separate call
  • Martin: why reg is connected with facilitation? cause of the purpose/point of contact
  • Phoebe: love facilitation, but my place is in the strategy (community building goals etc). Happy retreat is happening. Can help design the retreat, talk to the facilitators. Prefer not to be the main facilitator. Nervous about the places, finances etc. Can help to find the facilitator. Would be good to hear from Aeon. Who's the bottom-lining the event? (unclear).
What's the deadline? Other commitments?
Tim: If no-one drives – let's cancel. Proposal for the call: Saturday 8 am - 9 am, or Friday 7 am - 8 am.

Phoebe / Step in the strategy and governance

Feel like I want to continue to develop our strategy. Would love to offer to coordinate the process. Would like to drive us to develop the community, governance etc. Maybe smaller working group and a regular rhythm. Can help us develop something tight and well-defined.
  • Anja: maybe another call about the strategy? Would like to see what is developed. It's a good idea.
  • Ela: would be glad to support you with that, come up with the consistent idea. Would be happy to develop small prototypes. Atmosphere is everybody is busy. Prio #1 is funding. Help creating the paper. Let's try small prototypes e.g. community calls. Just do something doable and consistent.
  • Max: what questions do you have to strategy? Would love to support that. Have experienced prev. that if we're doing this for some people doing an excercise of user journey and outlining the most important challenges in the journey would provide nice guidance to the strategy.
  • Tim: we work in holacracy. Would like to see the handbook. I feel unheard, confused why there's so much unclarity. I don't know where it comes from. What is the constructive way to handle that? Athens, buidling a research and dev network – this all is the strategy. Can support as well. Feel frustration.
Phoebe: have an itch to coordinate if further. Thanks for the feedback. Fell excited. Next steps – proposing the call.

Max / Suggestions on LT

Tim / Facilitators

Ela / What is the common goal?

Ela / Worried about the funding without the strategy