Dgov Network
Tactical 11.09.2019


  • Record?
  • Check-in
  • Work until 5:00 pm CET (3-4 core group call / 4-5 community service)


  • EU Funding (Tim)
    • answer the questions
    • responsible people needed
  • Team Retreat updates (?)
    • may can have the council in Barcelona or Zurich
  • Survey (Max)
    • 24 answers, report published
    • very insightful, specific needs are very clear
    • all stuff putted to strategy points
    • Good learnings
Check in
  • Ela: Max asked to hand over the facilitation and secretary to Ela and Aeon -> rotate every month in pairs of volunteers, continue with holacracy as governance structure. Doing really well, super intense week. DAO journey was a great experience. Tonight invited to another event for DAO people. Interesting to invite more social scientist and policymakers -> have a huge need to connect. Going to meet people building a new platform coorp.
  • Martin: doing good, might be able to attend next weeks call
  • Anja: listening to nice music;) very curious and looking forward to the meeting
  • Max: feels liberated, impressed that we can start the meeting without him;) Had mind blowing thoughts this weekend, started to see more ideas happening.
  • Tim: hope to have enough time to share everything,
  • Aeon: Feeling good, happy to see all. Curious about the role

Tim: EU Funding: Assign answering the Questions

Tim: Agreeing on dates: Council+Retreat

  • Event Formats definition
    • Retreat: limited to smaller group, remote location, focused, countryside or silent separated place, summertime, nature
  • Council: Broader Community, winter, in city location
Proposals for next Council venues (looking for hosted locations, hosts should be involved and interested)
  • Venue
    • Zurich (Ozan Polat, Tim)
    • Barcelona (Tim)
    • Edgefarm (Italy, Phoebe)
    • France (castle, Phoebe)
    • Berlin (Coconut, Phoebe)
Proposal: go out with the information for one week to publish the idea and let people getting back with offerings
  1. 1.
    Defining needs
  • enough breakout rooms
  • good food
  • pricing
  • Tim, Phoebe, Ela ()
2. Calling for more venues in the public channel
  • Phoebe, Anja (until 15.09.2019)
  • using the YouTube teaser from last Council
  • Dates
    • end of January (31.01.2020 - 01.02.2020)
      • Ela (yes)
      • Aeon (yes)
      • Anja (yes)
      • Max (prefered)
      • Phoebe (no)
      • Martin (yes)
      • Tim (yes)
    • 24.01.2020 - 26.01.2020
      • Phoebe (yes)
      • Aeon (yes)
      • Anja (yes)
      • Max (yes)
      • Martin (yes)
      • Tim (yes)
      • Ela (yes)
  • Venue
    • Romenia (Ori, Anja)
    • Supermarkt (is available)
    • Coconut (Ela)
  • Dates
    • Doodle, Aeon (Send it over after the call)
    • finishing the decision latest 12.09.2019
    • Ela will ask Coconut

Anja: Communicate the results from DGOV Survey

Anja / Phoebe: Use of Loomio

  • how can we take decisions without having a call / if everyone isn't in the call
  • easily can make finally decision on Loomio
  • Proposals in threats
  • Big/important decisions
    • Definition: decision that will effect everyone
  • Max: tool does not comes with conversation and
  • Phoebe: Pin in Telegram channel for updates and ToDos
  • Phoebe set it up, try it out for three months (11th Dec 2019)
  • Ela: We should experiment more with new tools/methods

Max / Strategy presentation & roles discussion

  • Find in /Strategy and Goals/Network
  • Defining Roles for the Core Team

Max / PM on retreat

Max / Donation campaign


  • Updates?
    • Case Studies (Max)
    • Council (?)
    • Working groups
    • Ecosystem Mapping & Identity (Max)
    • Newsletter (Max)
    • Chat (Max)
    • Calendar (Max)
    • Meetups (Max)

Max: Roles for Core Team members

  • Distributed groups for making decisions and doings
  • Tim: Wants to move faster, assign areas of decisions, underlying principles will influence the decisions anyway
  • Tim
    • Community Building / Event Organization
    • Distributed Governance Tools
    • DGOV Seed DAO
    • Communication (Matrix)
  • Ela
    • Team Coordination? (getting stuff done)
    • Need different format (more time to reflect, become more clear in the moment)
  • Phoebe
    • Facilitate roles distribution (preparation 18th Sept 2020)
    • Internal processes (onboarding)
  • Max
    • Tried all
    • finding responsible people
    • Internal processes (partly)
  • Martin
    • Need more time to work into the Strategy and leading Vision
    • Visualize the Bullet points?;)
    • bring together Spaces - Research, Experiments, Events, Community building etc.
    • care for Social Protocols
    • Ensure synchronization
    • Communication (Matrix)
  • Aeon
    • Secretary
    • Events Organization
    • DGOV Seed DAO Governance

Phoebe: Meaning of Collective Intelligence and Distributed Governance -> Bridge to main Society/wider Ecosystem

  • Phoebe: Clarify what DGOV/Collective intelligence means
    • Can we be a provider of Education and Research
  • Ela: Bridge to policy makers etc -> work on communication
  • Tim:
    • We could easily get lost (funding, consulting)
    • should stay focused on community building, being the connector, selling this as a service and education

Phoebe: Hours tracking for ToDos etc

  • Phoebe: Overview about the work we've done

Max / Partners ISSDG+Consensys (show map)

  • Max: Two big connection points around ISSDG and Consensys, lack of connection
    • Consensys is building governance tools (Let's try some)
    • Interesting to connect to
    • Informational partnership (exchange news, Updates in Communities)
  • Ela:
    • no objections, wants to hear more of it
    • would like to learn more about new organizations and their work
  • Aeon: what are the next steps (see Max)
  • Tim: Unfortunately not always open source -> can get inspired by

Max / Regular Meetups in Berlin

Max / Ask other contributors to join us at the Retreat

Max: Looking forward to work on the Retreat. Knows people which should work on it with us (John L., Fanny L.)
  • Project Manager Retreat:

Tim: What means Sovereignty for us (Open Source etc)

Aeon: Open second hour for a facilitated Open Community Session

Ela: Monthly, rotating facilitation, space for Community members/updates
Aeon: Decision on proposals

Closing thought

Aeon: Great call, New tasks of being the secretary is great. Getting a lot of things done and have much clarity on tasks and times.
Max: Thanks Aeon and Ela, Phoebe, Tim, Martin, Anja
Tim: Thanks for gratitude, Good discussions and decisions, JUST DO IT. Looking forward for next steps. Hopefully find a Retreat location
Ela: A bit nervous. Sync with Max really helped. Happy about the call.
Martin: Happy about the call and thankful. Full head, needs to process. Will come back to the aspect of bring all things together (maybe against the idea of separating and differentiate in spaces and roles)
Phoebe: Appreciation, grateful. Would love to take more tasks and responsibilities