Dgov Network
Tactical 14.08.2019

Project Updates

Purpose: Develop a Vibrant Network
  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Community
    • Facilitate group communication (chat, forum, newsletter etc) by Max – all is growing, web3 gives some momentum, big thanks to Anja
    • Create information flows (wiki, map) by Max – played with this network tool, it's not full, but also shows the core of the network/community, which is ~60 people, 40 organizations.
    • Establish processes within the network (meetups, media) by Ela – no update
  • Co-Create Events
    • Web3 dgov track by Max – 90% done, few free tickets delayed, working on it.
    • Retreat in Ljubljana by Anja – stucked, proposed to cancel, Ela put the document with all info, put a tension about emails/thoughts
    • Meetup at Devcon by Max – no updates, spoke with Lane, no seems no help needed
  • Launch dgov experiments
    • Funding with Seed DAO by Tim – had a call with Tim & Phoebe – was pretty good, but no follow up. Also at web3 will have a DAOincubator workshop about informing about Seed DAO and also talk about things we want to co-create. How might we get Tim on the same page on the outcomes of the workshop.


Phoebe / Strategy debrief + Seed DAO Workshop

Phoebe: Get a really great 2 hour session, after Ljubljana retreat. Opened up the space to sharing. What are our priorities and things. Did a lot of sensing about resources and people. Payments questions? Portfolio for fundraising. Was exciting. Building the community from there. Build up a very healthy engaged, well equipped community. From that place launching the DAO will be more successfull. Bunch of people in DAO is not a good idea.
Ela: good summary, visualizations and article – those small things give momentum. Equally relevant as centralized strategic paper. If there isn't much time for dec. decision making... Having those small things is really good. Wan't to underline – moving with those community formats – maybe having rolling moderation schedule. We're creating the basis for the seed dao.
Phoebe: we had a bounty in blogposts in Enspiral (like $100 NZ), we can decide what we value and incentivize that.
Ela: would be interested in that. Have talked with Beth – she had a proposal on structure, based on Tim's cornerstones. She has beed asked from Aragon regarding the funding proposal. Aragon hopes to get more use cases. Would be an opportunity together with our opportunity. Many interesting aspects to it. We do not sell the concept to anyone, discuss and being cautious. Would be nice to be aware about what we ad at the workshop. Maybe we can engage on 'what if' level. We have tons of open questions we like to explore. Tim is very concerned about how people come to DAO. it's fair to share. Something we should clarify before the workshop.
Phoebe: we don't have a seed DAO doc (Tim's too long, just his version and outdates)... Feels a bit all over the place. At the same we put a lot of focus on the DAO. Need the community strategy. Workshop doesn't need to be perfect. If we come up with smth – no need to do it.
Max: agree. meeting notes? – pls share.
Anja: love the idea. Would be a test to decide what's public, what's not. Decide whether we want to be more vulnerable. A lot of people want to work with us. Would like to discuss the onboarding process. Like the idea to come before. Sorry, am coming only 11am on Mon.
Martin: having a proper time slot to bond, discuss & share etc. Love the idea of experimenting and having feedback.

Ela / Time together in Berlin

When everyone has a more relaxed time? When all together?
Monday night? Doable? Max+ Anja+ Phoebe+
Monday lunch? Ela would be ~12:30
Beths workshop 17-20/21
Maybe a bit tired.
Martin and Max would be all days. Plan 3 days lunches together.

Martin / Do we have an intention indiv/group for web3?

What is your intention to come to web3:
  • Ela: building relationships, clearer grasp what dgov is
  • Max: mini Athens, coming closer to the big dream, having done some great
  • Phoebe: matured as the team in last 2 months. Important moment to come together and represent dgov. Think about prios: build dgov? maybe a signup page at the event (cool idea)
  • Anja: personal touch, make bonds, relationships, reconnect. Would be a lot new people, would be a momentum, making opportunity for all our people. The picture is maturing, people understand better
  • Aeon: can add – can work on concrete things like Seed DAO
  • Martin: thanks, on the same page as Ela. Getting a clear grasp on what we do. Understand – connecting to inside or outside.

Anja / Ljubljana Retreat

Who's gonna send the emails? How we do the cancellation? Thoughts...
  • Anja: already have an email – done deal. How we communicate – blog post after the email, newsletter? Follow up event?
  • Phoebe: sorry for stopping the process, felt resistance about the amount of energy we pulled and how easily we stopped. Felt uneasy, like we didn't believe in the concept. Maybe because of late invitations. Maybe use booking for something else. Take out all the costs and run self organized. Retro would be nice. Just saying we learned and move on won't be enough. Was a frustrative process, but can wait.
  • Aeon: we can loose a lot of integrity if we drop the price for 60% (not good for reputation). We decided to not cancel, but discuss and co-create a new one with the community. Maybe ~Oct. Also having in Berlin.
  • Ela: we didn't come up with the timing yet. Was alignment on the fact that it provides a great learning experience. Not so much a cancellation, rather a invitive/informative framing. See the frustration, appreciate Phoebe proposals (sorry it went to bg). Are we ready to change the format. Some of these things are a little bit deeper. Thinking back about the the project start – was a lot of anxiety, tight deadlines etc. The place from where retreat was coming, the process was a little bit stressful. Complex and rushed. One of the learning are: consider whether we ready to carry put this event. Maybe be more considerative about our energy. Had a feeling everybody was a little bit stressed. Would be up to let people know that we're ready to reconsider. Let them know we're working on a new on. Maybe can help us as a starting point. That's what I propose.
Still curious about the next steps. Aeon can you do this?
  • Phoebe: I hesitate for us to send out a cancellation email? Maybe just twitter? (maybe not enough)
  • Aeon: want to finish, can send out. Can we finish the email this week?
  • Ela: want people to look at the draft. not sure if everyone agrees. People pls check and comment
  • Aeone: discuss it over the lunch at web 3?
  • Ela: like the idea of retro, but not a priority for now
  • Max: trust you
  • Phoebe: (trust)
  • Ela: would be nice to do before the web3
  • Anja: if there's no pressure – would rather postpone after web3, rather would communicate positive stuff at web3. Unless somebody forces us. Maybe we'll get more people like that and get more ideas how we can reimagine. Just talking and understanding. One thing at the time.
  • Ela: agree not to act in the rushed manner
  • Aeon: agree

Max / Stakeholders + Needs + Value + Stories

Pls share stories how dgov helped.

Closing round

  • Anja: happy to see you soon, received the clarity
  • Aeon: Thanks, feel good, we're closer together
  • Martin: thanks, agree about not rushing, experimenting and learning. Looking forward to learn you better
  • Max: happy about the call, i liked the idea of rolling facilitation. All in Berlin in mu thought already
  • Ela: thanks, is a great learning, let things sit for a while. Not to fall into actionism, but let things emerge. Can't wait to see you next week.