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Tactical 18.09.2019


  • Record?
  • Check-in
  • Work until 5:00 pm CET (3-4 core group call / 4-5 community service)


Tim: Feeling Ok, moving to Berlin this week. Curious for the next steps.
Anja: No special tension. (See Tensions)
Phoebe: Back to London. Sunny and nice. Had a bit of heavy experiences and feeling a bit down.
Ela: Good day so far. time of lots o synergies. Lose ends coming together. Need to become better with timing, wants to make the best out of available time. Happy and feeling good.
Martin: Spending weekend with friends. Life is good. flexible time next week.
Aeon: doing good.


Max / Inspiring Goals

Aeon / Retreat decisions: Date+Venue

  • Continue to sync for the Council, but not needs to be in physical
  • Tim: we don't need to always have everybody for everything on board - We can find other ways to organize remotely
  • Anja: Feels comfortable to have it remotely (is not a real retreat, not calling it like that). Would rather focus to prepare the council. Online is possible.
Max jumps in
  • Max: Also fine with doing it online
  • Phoebe: Would rather hang up when we meet. Doesn't feel good with traveling so much. Also wants to come together online, supports Berlin People coming together
  • Martin: Remotely but at the same time! Synchronized

Max / PM on retreat

  • Ela takes on the role to take care for organizing the date and venue
  • Max: Retreat is in the strategy to helps contributors. Trust Phoebe in organizing the setup
  • Phoebe: Someone who is in charge of events / Retreats
  • Max: Sum up the expectations, making a design for the Retreat/workshop
  • Feedback:
    • Tim: Form of getting together, sync for core team and to prepare the Council#2
    • Ela: We could invite possible sponsors to meet them there+working towards the Council
    • Phoebe: Sync and work
    • Martin: Retreat = core and onboarding and 'internal' focus
    • Anja: Wants to invite Luke to a call
    • Phoebe: learning from the last Retreat planning especially in delegation of the roles
    • Phoebe: Context of having a new member onboarding
    • Ela: People want to take roles for the council
    • Max: was concerned about new onboardings, needs more time. But now confident with forming working groups around new members. People can join groups. Is about relations and synchronicity in the group. Wants Phoebe to facilitate.
    • Phoebe: Wants Ela to facilitate
    • Ela: able to plan the shared online sessions
    • Max: Lets allocate some time in the session for the council, Ela can delegate tasks.
    Next steps
    • Ela will kick start
    • See where it leads us

Max / Submit funding requests

  • Max: not clear about financial planning/ how to spent the funds in detail. Let's have a look on the numbers we are talking about.
  • Aeon: Should we make a budgeting for the whole strategy
  • Ela: Also individual budgetings
  • Tim: Feeling tensions. We don't make decisions, just discussing. The biggest value we can bring is supporting the community
  • Ela: would it help to ask people for what they want.
  • Ela: are people really up to organize the council.
  • Max: have thousands of questions for the council and how working groups can look like. Offer to lead the Council planning
  • Anja:
    • If people wants to commit they can ask for specific funding. Also wants to see a budget, necessary for all funding applications.
    • Yes we want the council! Let's focus on how to plan the council
  • Tim: Planning like a sprint with concrete planning.
  • Ela: maybe it's because of the call format that we are not able to move forward quick enough
Next steps

Anja / Adding new members to the core team

  • Anja: someone can propose a new person. All onboarded members needs to get to know the new person. Working out together something like a task/way to contribute.
  • we have a lot of interest from the community to participate in the calls - let's allocate 30 mins every week for a community session
  • Ela: trusts everyone to bring new people - only tell the others before
Next steps
  • open the call in two weeks for a new participant


  • Knowledge production support
  • Leaders / Collaboration and communication support
  • External awareness & integration

Max: Introduce Roles

Max: Already have roles and policies -> DGOV Governance (wiki). Comes from the Holacracy method. Difference between Governance roles and Working groups (like Research etc). Just kick of roles and groups after a tension comes up.
Next Steps
  • Define directions for the strategy > set roles to go further with it
    • Contributors: Phoebe
    • Research and Knowledge: Max
    • Collaboration and Communication (inside) the Community:
    • Extending our Community (outside):
  • Ela: Need for every role reporting back to the group with the doings and opinions about the roles
  • Anja: Need for cross communication between the role allocated tasks because of overlapping - sync on communication and strategy
  • Tim: impactless planning without funding
  • Max: understands the tension. Answers priority, indicates what needs to be done. Wants to figure out the expectations and priorities

Tim: What means Sovereignty for us (Open Source etc)

  • Tim: Tech can be used to increase control over people. Digital sovereignty is necessary for personal freedom. Gives the possibility to make sense and feed a good governance system. We need to use open source software so we can know how it works and how our personal data will be used.
  • Max: Often open source tools are not that comfortable like conservative. But happy to do so. For some tools there are no alternatives (governance tools)
  • Tim: Come out with a policy in general > positioning
  • Anja: Data is complex. We can have some sorts of data in different environments. Agree with the idea of using open source software more often. Do we want to create enemies and scare people? Discussion point for the Council #2
  • Ela: Complex. Metalevel > utopian vision with more behind this thoughts. Support this direction
  • Martin: General not complex -> can you control your data? Comes down to the question how much we trust our own behavior -> it is the right thing to do as well as the right statement
Next steps
  • Implementing shared principle -> provide sovereignty to people

Closing thought

Ela: Thanks for the call. Feeling good to continue
Max: Sometimes someone didn't have enthusiasm for my points. But now it continues to go better.
Anja: Feel a bit tired. Glad that we solved all the tensions. Believe that all steps will lead to a good outcome -> council
Aeon: Proposing a concrete "next steps" in the facilitation
Martin: finding priorities for next steps can make us moving forwards much faster. Intrinsic enthusiasm and motivation should comes to a shared direction -> we don't need to agree on everything.
Tim: thanks for the Call. Appreciate the process we've made and looking forward for the next time.