Dgov Network
Tactical 25.09.2019


  • Record?
  • Work until 4:10 pm CET (3-4 core group call / 4-5 community service)
  • Check-in


  • Internal governance clear plan, goals, roles, value exchange (Phoebe) – don't have energy now, huge list of tasks, can't do a lot in the next few weeks, lack of energy around dgov overall. Maybe a loop with not take care on the team. Can work on the handbook with Max.
  • Funding (Tim) – Anja checked the questions, most can be answered by our wiki/strategy. Team can add answers. We can fill in where we can come in to the EU/Network strategy. Tim has a vision about what's wrong with the world.
  • Team Retreat (Ela) – there were some questions. Max will talk to Ela

Phoebe / Who's the contributor?

Maybe we lack agreed language, e.g. retreat, work sprint, contributors etc...
What do we call our 6 members?
What do we call people who support the work?
How do we call the people who're mo passive?
How should we do that?
Max: i'm for somebody to decide and just consult
Phoebe: let's put to the wiki
Action points: handbook, wiki, twitter...

Phoebe / Summary what's going now active in dgov

Anja: council, not sure about the retreat. Weekly calls, newsletter, twitter, telegram active. Have ambassadors. Have communication channels. Event being prepared. +EU funding.
  • Newsletter (83%)
  • #dgov tag & twitter (58%)
  • Network map (54%)
  • Meetups (50%)
  • Council (46%)
  • Forum (46%)


  • Knowledge production support (Max) – i've created ~12 working groups. Over time will add people and info, maybe setup calls on those groups. Will go to the council
  • Leaders / Collaboration and communication support (Ela) – figuring out what to do here
  • External awareness & integration (Anja) – haven't got the the strategy, but will start with a timeline – what we do monthly. Just to make an overview. E.g. every wed a material. The rest of the community – need to think about it. For the external people, e.g. political scientists – would like to make it in the CRM form. There's a big list of political scientist and somebody needs to go through the list.

Phoebe / Anja clarification

Pls summarize in a sentence: how we treat the external audience / present ourselves to the outer world. How we communication what we are about (how often etc).
Stick to traditional language +

Luuk / Roles and responsibilities

What are the main roles and responsibilities for the core team? Projects or just connecting?
Max showed the Strategy and Governance
Phoebe: question of roles is lively. More people, making sense of it.
Anja: have a lot of people who want to help.
Luuk: We can open up – who want's to help and with what.
Anja: it's more about how we form the working groups. e.g. With regulation. We have people interested in different tasks. E.g. in the newsletter we address 3 topics. So we can form the groups and send them stuff only on this topic.
Phoebe: dgov was a top priority, but we lack resources. Was unsustainable. Not everything needs to be paid, but need to cover the bills. We need resources. Even if it's $400/week. Do be able to give upo the paid work.
Luuk: (have no legal structure)
Anja: discussed that with Ela. Can use partners companies.
Phoebe: old tension - can bring on the next meeting.

Phoebe / Working on roles

Role 1 - INTERNAL COMMUNITY BUILDING: DGOV council, Telegram group, weekly community calls (in future), newsletter, DGOV DAO, increasing the amount of connectivity, funding, research, collaborators that our members receive.
Role 2 - INTERNAL TEAM MANAGEMENT: internal team governance, calls facilitator, taking notes, internal updates
Role 3 - COMMUNITY GROWTH: brand identity, social media, meet-ups, events at conferences, talks at conferences, growth of Telegram group, writing articles, attracting attention and publicity.
Role 4 - RESOURCING THE TEAM/FUNDING: searching for funding, writing grants, creating a funding strategy, or business model.

Max / Other networks

Max / PM on the council

Closing thought