Dgov Network
Tactical 31.07.2019

Project Updates

Purpose: Develop a Vibrant Network
  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Community
    • Facilitate group communication (chat, forum, newsletter etc) by Max – newsletter is about to be sent, send me info if you want smth published
    • Create information flows (wiki, map) by Max – no updates
    • Establish processes within the network (meetups, media) by Ela – tied with the seed paper, waiting for Tim and Anja. Please look in the paper. Will have a call about that
  • Co-Create Events
    • Web3 dgov track by Max – 75-80% done, there's some gap on day 3. everuthing else goes fine. Damned tickets. We got funds from Aragon foe video and tickets. Next steps to promote the event more (pr, tweets and updates). Ela can help with promo.
    • Retreat in Ljubljana by Anja – have hard days, got the confirmation about the taxes. Regardless inblockio need to work with tax id. Offered 25% covered on the venue. Need to pay by then end of the week. On the weekend worked on the concept paper. Need to check the links to applications.
    • Dgov track and devcon by Max – Marina and Anja will do a workshop/breakout room on the forks.
  • Launch dgov experiments
    • Funding with Seed DAO by Tim – Ela mentioned before


Ela / web3 conversation + collisions

What is going to happen on day 1? Contacted some people. Have 3 slots. Realized Anja is organizing the gov panel. Is it in the making? We should be aware about the time slot.

Aeon / Accommodation for web3

Max, Tim, Aeon, Anja are coming.
Waiting for Maria's answer.
Martin and Ela don't need a place.

Aeon / raising the awareness for the dgov foundation

Community isn't sure about where the strategy is going. It's not well communicated. How can we make people organize side events. Is this the case? Is there the shortage of communication?
  • Martin: Ela, Tim and Phoebe work on thew strategy now. So maybe not a bad thing it's not covered. The big chunks are there. Maybe we can communicate those without the over-aching
  • Ela: second that. We have the divergence on who we are and what we do. Currently there're community. Not sure we're on the same page about who we are. Tim has a different understanding, not far away. But what are the substantial identity parts. I think we can already go ahead and share what we do, but identity needs some work
  • Anja: support that. Only after identity we can talk about the community.
  • Max: strategy is open, it goes in every newsletter (link and report). Meeting munites are open. I feel community work is somewhat clear in terms of what to do. Web3 dgov node has a 30 mins slot Tim talking the strategy, and also a 2-3 hours workshop on Seed DAO. We can communicate more, but obvious things are also done.
Aeon: we can mention that retreat is the step to Athens. Want to ensure.

Max / Strategy check

  • How clear is the strategy?
  • What's missing / My questions to strategy?
  • Where do i see myself in connection to strategy point?
Please write to the chat.