Dgov Network
Tactical 30.08.2019

Project Updates

Purpose: Develop a Vibrant Network
  • Record? (+)
  • Work until 4:00 pm CET
  • Community
    • Facilitate group communication (chat, forum, newsletter etc) by Max – newsletter to be sent on 1st, there's some activity on the forum (800+ view on the web3 page, and some topic get traction), chat is going good
    • Create information flows (wiki, map) by Max – we need some automation, so Identity project
    • Establish processes within the network (meetups, media) by Ela – no update
  • Co-Create Events
    • Web3 dgov track by Max – 99% done, videos published, left to say thanks speakers, sponsors and so on.
    • Retreat in Ljubljana by Anja – no agreement around cancelling, talk to people individually and agree afterwards.
  • Launch dgov experiments
    • Funding with Seed DAO by Tim – no upd, did the workshop, don't know about the harvest. Was a wish to have a conversation about the fundraising. Was a request by Beth to define next steps.
  • Survey (Max) – launched, we have 6 replies, pls participate, will publish it openly after some time
  • Dgov Identity (Max) – there're some needs we have around matchmaking 


Phoebe / 3 mins retro on paper on the last week, web 3 included (where we are as a team)

What are the things that came up for you, patterns or tensions? What are the things we can change?
  • Max: understanding the connection between personal and group needs. Core team doesn't use wiki/knoweldge management to work together. We sometimes create artificial boundaries for some interactions (like who's allowed on calls). There's not a lot of permanent roles in the organization/products, so no permanent processes/progress (can use some help here).
  • Martin: options over commitments – tend to go for shinny things, instead of sticking to the commitment we have. If we want to come together – need to spend time together (like at web3). To ensure – we need awareness and open communication. Resonate with the not divide an conquer, but what we do together as a team. Need to commit more time to this. How much do I really want this if it needs more time from me.
  • Tim: echo Martin's words. Felt weird with dgov lately. Occupied with other stuff. Felt dissenagagement about the fundraising, ~patriarchic behavior. Not sure if I'm needed, if smth is requested by the community. A lot of things are about DAOs, not people. Missing concrete projects, not working with governance so much.
  • Aeon: we need to be more clear what we want with dgov. It's more like a space. Some can think we're the leaders, and wait for clear direction. We need to create more motivation for concrete projects, smaller instead of big ones.
  • Phoebe: resonate with said. Faith in our sync is restored. Felt everybody was stressed and burnt out. Can use some mindful behaviour. If bonding is not valued – i'm upset. Noticed we had emotional tensions last week, wonder what is this about. How we communicate in the respectful, emotional way. What are core 6 values? Monthly check-in / retro on I/we/community. Like mutual respect etc. Moving forward – keen to hold a strict do-acracy. If I propose – I commit, otherwise leads to confusion. How do we formalize the core team?
  • Ela: small steps – is in the core of what I feel. When we engage on major concepts, i sense i'm more of a doer. Felt that it detaches me, found interesting – the tension between inner/outer environment. Didn't understand what's going on energetically. Was discouraged by the financial debate. Important to engage everybody into this. Don't want to tackle with the closed group. Would be interested in driving the fundraising, but also other instruments. Missed the shared agenda, why at web3 together? Personal agenda was prioritized.
Phoebe will harvest into the bullet points.

Max / Call extension or groups

Options: extend to 90 mins, or 2 x 1 hour calls per week (focus: community, team) or else?
  • Ela: can do both. Should prepare and facilitate, have agenda beforehand. How are we going to do to raise funds. And do 1 step after the other. Don't see spending a day in the near future. Should try it.
  • Martin: hijacking the point. Feel the same need as Ela. Maybe a day or two together with the moderator. 90 mins call is a first step right now
  • Tim: hesitant to have more meetings, rather more facilitated meetings. Plan things 2 weeks ahead. Ideally 1 after another, with 10-30 mins break.
  • Phoebe: like the tactical call, delivery focused, other for sense making/team related. Being more smart, like when we were in Berlin, could use it more. Any time when we're together – to sync in-person. Big fan of the strategy retreat idea. Maybe less intense than last time. Need a lighter format 3-4 hours x 3-4 days in a row. Need to take the responsibility more.
  • Aeon: agree with Phoebe to have 2 separate calls per week. We can rotate the facilitation. Can also shift the community to the open community call (great idea!).
Decision: 2 calls (decided), 2 hours: with 10 mins break inside.

Max / Elect the Secretary, Facilitator

Max / how to say thanks

Max / Dgov + we work/coops partnership

Max / Partner ISSDG+Consensys (show map)

Max / Publish partners on the website

Ela / Retreat how to proceed

Ela / group energy

Closing thought

  • Thanks, retro was valuable. Can get us to more and regular improvements
  • Liked the retro, feel more connected. Realized that we should find a strategy and not assume things for granted.
  • Feel like i'm on the moving ground (in a good way). Things are rearranging. Will have a beneficial impact. There were moments where I wasn't sure about dgov ~capacity. Commitment is for individual people as well as topics. We're in for some time.
  • Nice, need a new secretary =)
  • Thanks, shouldn't regret things, maybe use more time for practical points
  • Like the feedback and inputs, but am unclear right now, what is my role in the renegotiated structure.