Newsletter #10 (june)

Hi my dear org hackers, Max here.

Congrats with the summer. Hope this season will bring lots of energy as well as recreation. Without further due let's dive in the updates of May.

1. Coordination

Dgov Strategy Meeting

On may 17-19th Tim, Max, Anja, Phoebe and Martin gathered for our first strategic session in Bernau, near the Berlin. We've discussed the values, goals and strategies of dgov movement, community and specifically our team.

Here's the mission statement:

DGOV connects people to discover, implement and create the practices, culture and technology to build a complex, scalable governance system to create cohesion for people to flourish.

Find more outcomes & plans in our presentation.

Dgov is coming to Web3

We'll have a 3 full day of dgov philosophy, experiments analysis and soft governance coaching. Formats will include talks (mostly short), panels, fish tanks, workshops and more. If you'd like to contribute to the program (your talk, topic, recommendation) – get in touch with me email: , telegram: @maxsemenchuk.

Recent Meetups

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2. Research & Education

3. Experimentation & Incubation

4. Integration & Regulation

by Anja Blaj

5. Having Fun

Regular collection of memes from Pedro Parrachia and the Ministry of Memes.

Support the Movement!

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