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Newsletter #5 (january)

Community Updates

Aragon: still recovering from the #Aracon2019 :) Briefly – lot's of new cool features coming in 2019: identity, mobile app, network (with Kleros dispute resolution) and more. Check out all the talks from the conf here.
Results on first AGP votings are ready (8 accepted, 6 rejected). Also a new governance test space is formed through the Aragon cooperative.
DAO Stack: Proposal Report Jan 2019 (11 proposals passed, 108 ETH funded), Plans for 2019 (beta & beyond) and a beautiful manual for DAOs "The Tao of DAO".
DGOV: we had a community council just before Aracon with over 50 attendees (including people from Aragon, DAO stack, Colony, Ethereum foundation, Kleros and many more). We're still processing materials and will share more info soon. Overall this was a bright and bonding experience which led to many new initiatives forming dgov 2019 strategy.

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