Newsletter #6 (february)

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#dgov Community Updates (Max)

#dgov community assembly in Paris

The DGOV Assembly will meet on the 8th of March in Paris, right after EthCC 2019. Over the course of the day, a group of about fifty people will have the opportunity to discuss topics related to Distributed Governance in an open conference format. We'd like to keep the highest quality of exchanges during the event. Due to limited capacity we require all participants to register through this form. Thanks to Phil, Anuj and Louis for the organization!

Chat, new tools and newsletter (built on strategy)

Discourse, C1

Upcoming Events

DAO Practitioner Support/Success

Wiki updates (Max)

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DAO Incubator (Cem/Max)

Aragon Network (?)

Genesis Alpha (Stratis)

On the 28th we'll probably redeploy Genesis with the new version of Alchemy. There will also be a big proposal from DAOstack to Genesis regarding its mission and future goals. A DAOstack leadership workshop is happening next week for that reason (other topics will be discussed too of course).

Tokenizing Nature (Phoebe?)


Dgov DAO (Liraz, Tim)


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Ministry of Memes


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