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Newsletter #6 (february)

#dgov Community Updates

Consensus on the Direction

#dgov council revealed that while we share a lot of values, some aspects of our collaboration are not clear. E.g. what's the role of blockchain and technology in the movement, what exactly are we trying to achieve and so on.
We'll be having a core group strategic session soon to form an initial manifesto. And then discussing this and more other connected topics during #dgov Community Assembly in Paris on Mar 8, just after EthCC. Join us there.
More themed upcoming events

Structure of Work

Our telegram group has significantly grown since last year, and while some discussions are gold, it's getting harder to do structured conversations there. We've discussed many options (including discord, collective one, twist etc) and so far the most supported option became the Discourse Forum. While there're some existent forums in the space, the community sentiment leaned towards an own #dgov forum. So here it is http://forum.dgov.foundation/ , quite virgin now but feel free to add topic and proposals for categories and moderation in there.
Overall you can track active projects, KPIs and so on at our wiki/Strategy page. It contains descriptions (sometimes raw), links to groups and discussion. Your support and new projects initiation is highly appreciated.

DAO Practitioner Support/Success

Gathering a Body of Knowledge

We've created a resource section in the wiki, that now contains glossary, industry landscape, global hubs map, on-chain governance case studies, and more articles by various governance topics. We'll be mostly coordinating further work on a new forum, Paris assembly and further events. Quick questions, suggestions etc can be discussed in the telegram chat as well.

Expertise Center (DAO Incubator)

We've launched a series of calls around building a DAO incubator. The first project in review is Trojan DAO, which aims at the reformation of local art value chains based in Athens, Greece, using a new and experimental blockchain-based primitive -- the token bonding curve -- as community fund to empower and sustain artistic and cultural production. If you're building a DAO and can use some expertise and funding, please apply here.

DAO progress

Aragon Network published a review on the #1 vote with some fruity outtakes. The new version of the Aragon App can now interact with external contracts (e.g. Maker DAO CDP or Cryptokitties). Also an interesting discussion on the long term funding.
Genesis Alpha has been recently hacked (~$15k drained) and down, some analysis on the hack is here. It will be redeployed soon with a new version of contracts.
There will also be a big proposal from DAOstack to Genesis regarding its mission and future goals. A DAOstack leadership workshop is happening this week for that reason (other topics will be discussed too of course). More discussion happen here.
Dgov DAO will be posting more updates soon.

Outreach & Advocacy

Media updates: Articles, Papers & Videos

#dgov culture

First of all thanks to Aragon we now have the "Fight for freedom" day (Feb 10). Nothing crazy happened this year, but let's change it add some festive mood in 2020 ;)
Here're also some highlights from the Ministry of Memes chat and Pedro Parrachia specifically:

Support the Movement!

If you're enthusiastic about the distributed governance – go give us a hand. Here're some tips on what's going on:
#dgov foundation: strategy governance, KPIs