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Newsletter #9 (may)

Hi my dear org hackers, Max here.
Congrats with the summer. Hope this season will bring lots of energy as well as recreation. Without further due let's dive in the updates of May.

1. Coordination

Dgov Strategy Meeting

On may 17-19th Tim, Max, Anja, Phoebe and Martin gathered for our first strategic session in Bernau, near the Berlin. We've discussed the values, goals and strategies of dgov movement, community and specifically our team.
Here's the mission statement:
DGOV connects people to discover, implement and create the practices, culture and technology to build a complex, scalable governance system to create cohesion for people to flourish.
Find more outcomes & plans in our presentation.

Dgov is coming to Web3

We'll have a 3 full day of dgov philosophy, experiments analysis and soft governance coaching. Formats will include talks (mostly short), panels, fish tanks, workshops and more. If you'd like to contribute to the program (your talk, topic, recommendation) – get in touch with me email: [email protected] , telegram: @maxsemenchuk.

Recent Meetups

DGov Network New York 16.05
The DGov Network event, hosted by Edgeware / Commonwealth Labs during NYC Blockchain Week, was coordinated and attended by teams at DAOStack, dOrg, Colony, Tocqueville Group (Tezos), RadicalxChange NYC, Enigma, & Cre8. As a casual breather to the several days of talks, panels, and structured time, this event was free-form, encouraging networking and intimate conversations while a DJ provided ambiance. The venue, Bushwick Generator, also hosted a a Cryptokitties/Quantstamp event, and the groups merged into one larger party as the evening went on. Common themes of conversations included real-world governance practices, as well as debate about layer 1 on-chain vs off-chain decisionmaking and secret voting.
DGov Network Meetup Berlin 20.05
We had a nice community gathering in the Supermarkt Berlin (thanks to Ela Kagel for a beautiful place). Tim presented the results of dgov strategic session, we've talked about trabalism, Beyond us p[roject, dgov dao and dao funding strategies. Find the meeting notes here. Afterwards we've joined the Jolocom's 5th birthdays party.
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OrgTech Review Highlights

Colony Q2 2019 Update. Ahead of their mainnet launch, Colony has made major protocol improvements that realise a more modular vision of the Colony Network, one that will enable Colony to support a broader variety of use cases than just DAOs. A new payment function simplifies fund transfers, in cases where the task function might be too complex, and can be enhanced with smart contract extensions like escrow and performance review. Permissions are now divided into classes (Funding, Administration, Arbitration, Architecture, Root) which can be assigned to accounts/contracts within different domains and reconfigured for a range of use cases; some technical examples outlined inside. Private beta testing is now open to applications; details and other updates inside.
Aragon vote shows the perils of onchain governance. Evan Van Ness points out that one whale was able to flip three controversial votes at the last minute. Interesting discussions (including the Aragon One team) in this Twitter thread.
Dumb on Purpose - A Behavioral Criticism of Meritocracy: Meritocracy incentivizes people to pursue ideas they know are bad, but which will also earn them rewards. The solution is to 1) measure merit more accurately, and/or 2) decouple rewards from measured accomplishment.
Blockchains are Bureaucracies par Excellence: Blockchains automate bureaucracy by replacing human administrators with “middlemachines". By formalising coordination rules and procedures, they help to power global systems that are seemingly less fettered by individual preference, subjective human judgement, or personal authority. However, we should be wary of their potential to become dehumanised “silicon cages” that could end up seriously hindering our freedom and creativity.
MolochDAO: a primitive solution. MetaCartel (the team who forked MolochDAO for their own data sharing use case) present an overview of the MolochDAO system, which they praise for its simplicity.
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Upcoming events

2. Research & Education

3. Experimentation & Incubation

4. Integration & Regulation

We’ve been exploring legal diaspora for a while and are calling upon all lawyers, legal practitioners, enthusiasts and perhaps even representatives of authoritative bodies, to join in distributed co-creation of a curation list.
There’s many of us and many to come, yet the first step towards a success according to Henry Ford, is the the ‘’coming together’’ phase.
And so DGov movement with all its affiliates, associates, participants and change-makers hereby provides an incomplete list of all actors we want to keep an eye on.
We want to explore potential legal collaboration and have so far identify numerous brilliant lawyers who support the idea of bringing law closer to people and making it more human.
by Anja Blaj

5. Having Fun

Regular collection of memes from Pedro Parrachia and the Ministry of Memes.

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