Community Management

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Purpose: increase the number of collaborations in the movement

Network Impact Mapping & Project Identification

Audience: people who want to bring more distributed/decentralized design to the organizations

  • Products e.g. protocols / infrastructure (E.g. Ethereum, Tezos, Aragon, DAOStack...)

    • Pilots

    • Access to the research

    • Access to the community (e.g. sentiment)

  • DO / DAO (Genesis Alpha, Aragon DAC)

    • Trustworthy core infrastructure

    • Access to the research

    • Access to the community (engagement, hires, finances)

    • Regulation Framework

  • Experts e.g. Facilitators, Engineers, Legal (Percolab, Enspiral)

    • Exploration / Sandboxes

    • Access to customers

  • Researchers / Academics (Jacob Eberhardt ZKProofs, Carla Legal Research)

    • Resource for the research (community)

    • Recognition

  • Funds / VC (Cambrial, Placeholder)

  • Ecosystem / wider communities

Communication Channels

Chats / telegram groups

Multichannel chat (Discord, Rocket, Slack)

Safe space place to safely discuss & collaborate on dgov topics (e.g. get feedback, intracommunity projects and hiring).

Webinar / Podcast

Leader: Phoebe?

for community - select interesting members and do interviews. interesting calls are around conflicting points of view on every call - some note taker

DAO Talk Forum

Use for research discussion

Loomio / Collective One

Use for community consulting


Leader: Max Newsletter and/or newspaper Collaborate with Aragon, DAOstack and more.


Council #1 by

Retreat #1 in Ljubljana by

Leader: Tim

~April 2019

Council #2 by

Leader: Tim + help from Felix, Ela, Phoebe, Lucas, Max

~Sep-Oct 2019

Indi Meetups / Workshop

  • London (Jack + Phoebe, Ruth + Furtherfield)

  • Berlin (Ela, Supermarkt - unconfirmed)

  • Paris (Philippe Honigman + Lucas, Max, Tim, Fran)

  • Madrid (Maria T Vida (Tete) forLegalBlock +David Llop for P2P Models)

  • Amsterdam (Luuk - unconfirmed)