Practitioner Support/Success

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Purpose: more successful DAO pilots

Connect experts and support collaboration in dgov implementation


develop wiki through AMA sessions?

Map of the industry landscape

#dgov global Map

Glossary / Terminology

Body of Knowledge book

Grace + Max, Fran

+ translation in french

Philippe + Fran

DAO List / Case Studies

Transparency in Networked Orgs

DAO Incubator / Expertise center

Leader: Cem. Team: Daniel, Max


  • DAO founders – support with mechanics design and tool selection

  • Infra projects (Aragon, DAO Stack etc) – describe / formalize use cases, PR, product ideation

  • Experts – describe / formalize use cases, PR

    • Economy / incentive design

    • Legal Sandbox / Framework

    • DAO developers sub-community coordination

    • Facilitation Self Funding Support Group (Lucas + Ela, Phoebe, Marina, Grace)

More Info


Dgov DAO

Leader: Tim/Liraz? + 19 people on the telegram group

The DAO itself is believe to be nothing else than an intermediate step of exploration to support the DGOV Community with blockchain based infrastructure for coordination. This creates space(s) for exploration of new governance models.

The first seed DAO acts as in incubator to spawn many other independent second generation “child DAO’s” which spawn third generation “child DAO’s” ...and so on to allow for concurrent iterations. The number of child-DAO’s or newly created DAO’s based on iterations of the first template should be arbitrary.

Tokenizing Nature 2.0

Phoebe + Lucas, Liraz, Ruth, Maria

FF/DECAC to adopt

Ruth + Grace, Tim, Phoebe

for artists on London*

Media DAO