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#dgov Stack
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Asset Management & Voting

    Aragon – project that aims to disintermediate the creation and maintenance of organizational structures by using blockchain technology
    Colony – platform for open organizations
    District0x – network of decentralized markets and communities
    DAO stack – operating system for collective intelligence (decentralized companies, funds and markets)
    Otonomos – next-gen company services bureau for the crypto and blockchain economy. Order companies online. Add ancillary services. Pay in crypto or fiat.
    GovBlocks – open, permissionless decision protocol that empowers dApps to define and operate any governance model at scale (blog, chat)
    Tribute – Tribute helps organizations build and strengthen their network of contributors. We enable them to design and manage a customized reward system based on economic incentives and transparency
    Common Interest – build incentivized societies
    xDAC is A Place To Start and Manage Decentralized Companies
    Edgeware – an experimental blockchain for demonstrating the effectiveness of on-chain governance
    Kelsen – a dapp and a smart contract framework for building secure and transparent governance systems on Ethereum
    dOrg – dApp for creating and interacting with DAOs
    CONE Network – Enabling companies to harness time-tested market principles to become immensely scalable, innovative, and resilient
    Sobol – Advance your organization toward decentralized, humanistic work
    Metaorg – Self Aware Network Organism
    Abie – minimalist DAO that includes a Sybil-resistant voting system based on liquid democracy
    Ellcrys – helps you start, co-own and contribute to open source software products and organizations
    Democracy Earth enables token-based community participation
    BitNation – the world's first Decentralised Borderless Voluntary Nation
    Agora – Secure and transparent digital voting

Funding & Bounties

    Giveth – donation platform and community
    Gitcoin – easiest way to monetize or incentivize work in Open Source Software
    Bounties Network – Open Bounties & Freelance Jobs Online
    Talao – The Reputation Protocol and DAO for the 100 million freelancing talent
    Covee – The Trusted Platform for Knowledge Workers
    Alice – a platform that brings transparency to social funding through blockchain technology
    Fairmint – continuous funding


    Iden3​ – Decentralized identity management solution
    uPort​ – open identity system allows users to register their own identity on Ethereum
    BrightID​ – a global, unique identity network that keeps fake people out of applications
    Jolocom – An open source protocol for people and smart agents to autonomously create and interact with digital, self-sovereign identities
    Sovrin – the world's first self-sovereign identity (SSI) network
    LifeID – open, public identity protocol for Web 2.0 and blockchain ecosystems
    Netki – KYC AML provider purpose built for the unique needs of blockchain companies
    Hyperledger Indy – distributed ledger, purpose-built for decentralized identity
    Kleros – The Blockchain Dispute Resolution Layer
    Mattereum – Organizing the world's property and making it universally accessible and useful
    Lexon – a contract programming language for lawyers
    Kleros – dispute resolution
    DAO Bridge
    Lexon – a contract programming language for lawyers


    Gnosis – prediction markets platform
    Fairmint – continuous funding
    Aragon dapps
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